What You Need to Know About Minimalist Kitchen List

What You Need to Know About Minimalist Kitchen List

The words minimalist design and minimalist kitchen essentials list may seem worlds apart, but they are actually very similar. The first step to creating a minimalist kitchen, is to decide what it is you want from a kitchen design. If you want a kitchen that’s as streamlined as a shuttered window, then keep those adjectives away. Think green friendliness goes hand-in-hand with minimalism, so having reusable dish towels, reusable cupboards and a reusable compost bin are definitely a must-have part of a minimalist kitchen essentials list.

What You Need to Know About Minimalist Kitchen List


Minimalists love cooking is one of the things that make life simple. Minimalists also like to cook in beautiful, spacious spaces. So the first thing on a minimalist kitchen essentials list should be a clear kitchen window to let in ample natural light. A cooking space that opens up fully is another must-have feature.


A good eating area is essential for a kitchen with a minimalist theme. The best way to create the right eating area is to build counters that run the full width of the kitchen and line them up along the perimeter, with meal-sized serving dishes on one side and prep areas on the opposite sides. This will maximize surface area for food preparation and minimize clutter along the perimeter. Another key element in a minimalist kitchen is eliminating all unnecessary or unused appliances and drawer space.


Minimalists believe in “minimal cooking.” A minimal kitchen is a kitchen that uses the minimum possible amount of cooking appliances and ingredients to prepare dishes. By using the minimal amount of these items, more dishes can be made with the same amount of calories and other nutrients. By minimizing the cooking time, you’ll also be minimizing the amount of time spent cooking meals. By eating meals quickly and staying away from microwaves and other energy-sucking machines, you can save both time and energy. A minimal kitchen also helps create a feeling of relaxation and calm in the kitchen.


Fresh ingredients are essential to a minimal kitchen. Fresh ingredients will add flavor and color to your meals and minimize waste of both food and water. When considering what “minimal” ingredients include in your kitchen, keep in mind the flavor of the food as well as the nutritional value of the ingredients. Some examples of “minimal” ingredients include fresh herbs (for taste and health), freshly squeezed fruit (for fiber), whole grains, and other “lesser” foods such as dairy products, potatoes, and cucumbers.


Just as eating habits need to conform to a minimalist diet, so do cooking and eating habits need to conform to a minimalist diet. By removing all external food rules, your meal time rarely ends. You can have different meal times (dinner/ snacks/bedtime) at the same time or have a few small meals throughout the day and keep them light and quick. Snacking is optional.


As you begin to construct your minimalist kitchen, keep in mind that it’s not necessary to cook every meal in the sink. There are many options for short easy meals, and you can store these in Tupperware containers in your cupboards or refrigerator. A good way to keep things organized is to keep your kitchen “looking” clean by periodically (at least once a week) vacuuming your counter tops, floor, and any appliances. Doormats can help you avoid that ugly drip you get from those dirty dishes in the sink. You’ll find that once you start living a minimalist kitchen lifestyle, you’ll probably want to keep up the trend!


One of the most compelling aspects of the minimalist kitchen is the ease with which it can be maintained. The kitchen essentials list can seem short, but that’s because all the items are relatively small and easy to handle. For example, there’s no need to have a separate chopping block; a wooden block that doubles as a cutting board is all that’s needed. Also, countertop height isn’t an issue, as a minimal counter can be built into a corner. In fact, it’s even possible to install an under-counter microwave.