What Is the Essential Wardrobe Pieces?

One of the most essential wardrobe pieces for minimalist living can be hard to pin down. After all, a wardrobe should not only be a functional necessity, but it must also be fashionable. When shopping for a wardrobe, however, keep in mind what it will be used for and what kind of items you need to include. While there are many excellent options for entry-level wardrobes, the more functional and versatile your wardrobe is the more value you get for your money. This type of wardrobe can be both elegant and fully functional.


The most obvious wardrobe piece is the coat hanger. You might think that this is an unnecessary addition but think again. Your wardrobe will probably need a wide variety of coats, so it makes sense to invest in a few versatile ones. For instance, a wide belt loop or multi-pocketed duffel bag is ideal for work clothes, while a simple but highly functional multi-purpose hanger would be perfect for casual wear.


The next essential wardrobe piece is a shoe rack. Shoes are an important part of any wardrobe, so you’ll need plenty of storage space for them. Choose a simple style that is sturdy and will hold a wide variety of shoes. If you have more than one pair of shoes, make sure that they are all thethe same size and style. A floor-standing shoe rack is great for clothes on the floor and mirrored racks look great on a closet shelf.


Accessorizing your wardrobe can also be essential, and can help to keep your wardrobe from looking cluttered. If you don’t have many key chains, start putting together some by purchasing some durable plastic key rings and a few leather belts that you can buy in bulk. If you love playing dress up games like Dora the Explorer, you may also want to buy accessories such as hats, shirts, scarves, and socks that can be used over again. Remember to layer these items, and never put the same item on the same spot.


Clothes hangers are also essential and can really add to the appeal of your wardrobe. Use clothing hangers that have a lot of different shapes and sizes. You may also consider using shoe racks, which allow you to store shoes on one end while laying the clothes you’re planning on wearing on another flat surface. A great tip is to use two hangers for each piece of clothing you have. This keeps the clothing from getting tangled and also allows you to easily find the exact shirt or blouse you’re searching for.


There are also some accessories you should invest in, such as hair clips, hair ties, and jewelry. These items are not essential, but they will help to organize your clothes and keep them in the right place. A nice jewelry box will also keep all your jewelry items together and easy to access when needed. The key here is organization, so keep your keychain and necklace numbers organized, and your earrings at the top of your dresser and your bracelets at the bottom.


Your shoes should also be an essential wardrobe piece. There are many different styles available, and there are even trainers designed specifically for walking. If you are purchasing your shoes online, make sure that they have good shipping rates, and check out their return policy. If possible, find a site that offers free shipping, as this will save you money and give you peace of mind that your shoes will arrive in the condition that you want.


Finally, your pants should also be an essential asset. There are so many different styles and colors available that it’s hard to choose which ones are important. Remember to buy quality pants, because they will last longer and be more comfortable. In fact, there is actually research that shows that people who have poor-quality pants have more problems with soreness and pain in their back and neck later on in life. Invest in a pair of solid-colored pants that you feel great in, because you’ll have a hard time replacing them if you need to.