What Are Some Important Characteristics of Minimalist Hiking Shoes?

What Are Some Important Characteristics of Minimalist Hiking Shoes?

If you’re a minimalist hiker then you’re aware of the need for lightweight hiking shoes. There’s nothing worse than lugging around a heavy pair of hiking shoes that weigh an ample amount to cause problems while you’re hiking. Fortunately though there are options out there for you out there. Let’s discuss some of your options and how lightweight hiking shoes can be beneficial to you!

A big part of the difficulty when selecting minimalist hiking shoes comes from not understanding exactly what makes a shoe minimalist or even not. That is because they usually re designated as ‘barefoot’, but not actually in terms of the actual function when you’re out hiking! A barefoot hiking shoe is literally just that – no padding! And while these shoes tend to be more comfortable and easier to walk in, they do leave your feet exposed to additional stress.

A popular alternative is a pair of shoes with small amounts of cushioning and minimal amounts of cushioning. These types of shoes are often called minimalist shoes and are made by companies such as Teva, Nike, and others. These shoes offer great cushioning without sacrificing the ability to walk comfortably in them. These types of shoes also tend to be light weight which is great in cooler weather conditions. This keeps your feet protected from drafts.

Another feature you want in your minimalist shoes is breathability. Breathability refers to the ability for the inside of the shoe to evaporate moisture so that your foot can maintain a constant temperature. Most breathable uppers have a wicking mesh at the top of the uppers to help wick away any moisture that could cause uncomfortable rubbing during your hikes.

Your hiking shoes should also be able to wick away moisture from your feet to keep your feet dry. A good pair of shoes will have a lining that is waterproof. A waterproof lining will help wick away moisture to keep your feet dry in wet conditions. A waterproof uppers is also a good choice so that your feet have proper ventilation. When your feet get too hot, you’ll avoid getting blisters.

A minimalist pair of hiking shoes is a good choice for people who don’t like having to deal with a thick midsole that weighs down the backside of your feet. The outsole of a good pair of shoes will have enough traction to keep your feet from slipping and will be well cushioned. Most high-quality shoes will feature a midsole with leather or suede on it so your feet can have proper ventilation.

The soles of your shoes should have suede, leather or softstar soles. These soles are great to have in hard conditions since they are designed especially to absorb shock. If you hike long distances on rough terrain like mud, then you want a shoe with a firm yet softcore and thick uppers. This will help you stay comfortable no matter what the terrain is like.

A minimalist hiking shoe should have all of these important characteristics so you can enjoy backpacking for a long time. Hiking is an activity that should be enjoyed and done for its rewards. It does take a lot of preparation to get started and a lot of planning and research as well before you head out on any trek. But once you’re out there, you will appreciate being able to walk for a long time without having to think about any problems. You’ll also be able to enjoy yourself more since you won’t have to worry about any blisters or other problems that come along the way.