Wearing Minimalist Aesthetic Outfits

Wearing Minimalist Aesthetic Outfits

Whenever I am asked about my thoughts on minimalist designs, I can’t help but compare them to a piece of clothing that a true artisan would create. These pieces are often created by artists who lack the capital to outsource to a designer, yet still desire the same level of aesthetic refinement. As such, a minimalist style wardrobe can seem like the best compromise between creativity and economy. Here are just a few ideas for how to create your very own minimalist aesthetic wardrobe.

Wearing Minimalist Aesthetic Outfits


The classic black shirt is a staple in any minimalist wardrobe, and it is perhaps the most versatile piece of clothing that you can purchase. A solid black shirt with just a few add-ons like a waistband or a graphic tee is all it takes to dress up a basic ensemble. Black shirts can be accessorised with a pair of trousers and a tie for a more casual look. For a more refined look, consider pairing your shirt with a brooch or other statement piece. A black handbag is another great investment to your outfit as it will complete the look with a polished appearance.


For those with more than a passing interest in fashion, you may find yourself drawn to the colour white. I have never understood why some people love the feel of white, but I’m sure there’s a reason. White is neat and tidy and gives off the impression that you care about fashion. This is particularly useful if you’re dressing for work, as it will go well with your business dress uniform if you don’t want to get ahead of the trend. If you are interested in wearing white, make sure you stay away from colours such as blue and green as they are too loud and garish for a professional environment.


As an artist, I know that colour and design go hand-in-hand. I believe that if you want to create a minimalist style look, the use of too many colours is a major turnoff to most people. If you’re not going to use too many colours in your outfit, choose one or two and make sure you play with the intensity of the colours. Dark colours on dark spots can give your outfit a minimalist style vibe.


Another tip for choosing a great minimalist outfit is to pay close attention to the details. Minimalists pay attention to the small things and this results in outfits that look great but are also well put together. For example, if you’re wearing a plain t-shirt in a solid colour, choose an animal print pattern or a simple checkerboard pattern to enhance the look. This will make your outfit look even more refined, sophisticated, and stylish. Again, this is the perfect tip for those who aren’t keen on colours or aren’t into intricate designs.


Another great tip for your minimalist style outfit is to be aware of your footwear choices. I’m a huge fan of simple shoes with a minimalistic design. I think this goes for any shoe style, whether you’re wearing sneakers, flip-flops, leather boots, or anything in between. A minimalist outfit looks best when it’s complimented by a great pair of shoes.


Remember that it’s fine to mix and match different colours and patterns when it comes to your outfit. A lot of modern outfits are becoming extremely popular because of their simplistic style and minimalist appeal. If you’re not sure how your outfit should look, you can always go with the basics and have fun with it. Or, you could consider a more traditional style such as a white or black dress with simple embroidery or a pinstripe skirt in soft pastel colours.


These are just some tips for a minimalist style of wardrobe. The key with these outfits is the simplicity of the design. Don’t be afraid of experimenting because ultimately, the goal is to create an outfit that’s comfortable, casual, and wearable. Simplicity doesn’t mean being boring or bland. Instead, it’s about highlighting your unique fashion sensibility and personal sense of style. Once you get used to wearing minimalist styles, you’ll realize that they make you feel good and look good.