Top 5 iPhone and iPad Minimalist Apps

One way to make the most of “I am blessings” quotes is to create a minimalist app to help you meditate every day. With today’s technology, minimalism has become a part of our lives. You can easily have an iRibbit application downloaded to your smartphone. You can take it everywhere you go. Your phone will serve as your meditation tool to help you bring clarity into your life. It also makes it easier to set goals and achieve them, because the app can help you focus on what you want to achieve.


The most popular tool for reducing stress and managing tasks is Trello. A simple task management and planning tool, Trello allows you to work more productively by planning simple actions that get you closer to your goals. With the free gratitude notebook app, you could just and freely express gratitude each day, reflect on past moments filled with gratitude, write short notes about everything you have accomplished for the day, and even share your thoughts and feelings with friends and family.


If you’re looking for more advanced ways to live simply, I recommend you try Granny Gardening. This type of gardening doesn’t require a lot of tools and equipment, which makes it a great practice for anyone without a big budget. As you grow more proficient with this type of gardening, you can add more tools, such as a vegetable Gardening rack and flowerpot to help organize your produce. In addition, you’ll eventually gain the self-confidence to start growing your own herbs and vegetables in your own greenhouse.


If you like reading books, then I recommend reading books while you ride your bicycle or doing some chores around the house. One example of this kind of activity is cleaning out all of the items in your garage and putting them in an old tin can. Why not create a “garage recycling” habit and stay free from buying new tin cans every time you go to the grocery store? You can do this for days free from any hassles thanks to the Amazon Kindle for iPhone.


For those who are more interested in being productive than simply reading, there are plenty of other useful apps to choose from when you go to the Amazon Kindle for iPhone store. One of the most popular, among runners, is the Workout app. This minimalist app allows you to keep track of your running sessions, view progress for the next session, and even add a recording of your previous session so you can keep a tab on how effective you’re running. As you stay free from additional stress caused by a busy lifestyle, these additional features could really pay off for you over time.


Another one of the best minimalist apps for iPhones and iPads is Decluttering+. This app does not offer just a simple list of items sorted in decluttering order; it gives you the option to add images to the list for a quick peek at how decluttering is going. You might have to use some creative imagination in order to fully appreciate the benefits of this app. The only downside to this app is that there aren’t many images to look through and choose from. So it’s not exactly like a photo album but it’s still worth checking out if you want to take advantage of the ability to organize your items visually. And since there are so many items to choose from, you’re bound to find a nice one by trying it out.


Perhaps the last in the list of great iPhone and iPad minimalist app designs is Crop. This app is extremely user friendly, allowing even the novice users with little or no experience in mobile apps to easily navigate and use its basic features. It doesn’t try to be a complex app and as a result, the user experience is very smooth. The layout of the screen is very simple with large buttons arranged in a well-arranged arrangement making it easy to tap and move the cursor around. Crop is especially useful for those who need a quick list of options or those who need to select several items.


There are many more similar iPhone and iPad apps in the market that offer different yet effective means to organize your items in a simple way. They are all excellent examples of how minimalist apps should really be. With their clear functionality, they help you to easily organize your things on your phone and improve your ability to write something new. As we all know, simplicity is always the best style. So go and give your phone a try, I bet you’ll be very happy with the new and improved way to write something.