Three Types of Modern Minimalist Dressers

Three Types of Modern Minimalist Dressers

If you want to create an atmosphere of simplicity and calm in your home, then it would be apt to select a minimalist dresser for your living room. The Talwyn Dresser is probably the ideal minimalist dresser in this category because of its beautiful minimalist design and great functionality at the same time. Add a hint of vintage charm to your minimalist bedroom with this stylish piece of furniture. An antique multi-function design with an updated retro twist, this charming yet functional dresser not only supplies ample storage for all your essential belongings but also lends a touch of vintage warmth to your room’s overall decor. With its smooth legs and three drawer drawers, this beautiful dresser instantly brings elegance to any modern style bedroom.

This line of dressers by Talwyn showcases a number of styles and finishes. You can find one that comes equipped with hardwood or laminate veneers, and that too in a variety of tones and hues. Depending on what sort of aesthetic you are looking for, there is bound to be one in the South shore that will suit you. If you prefer contemporary aesthetics, then choose one with clean lines and minimal detailing. If you seek for something that recalls the beauty of the past, then go for one with antiquated designs that evokes a bygone era.

If the minimalist dresser is designed in a more traditional manner, then there is plenty to choose from. Among the different styles that Talwyn has to offer you are the Talley Bedroom Dresser, which is crafted from solid mahogany and finished in medium to dark mahogany. This piece of furniture is a stunning addition to any bedroom. The beauty of its balanced design and rich colors is that it is able to fit in with just about any decor. They also come equipped with attractive wooden headboards. You can even get ones that have intricately carved accents.

Another style of minimalist dresser is the Rachael Ray Dresser by Talwyn. It has a sleek, modernistic appearance that is made out of black metal. It has five drawers in total and all of them come equipped with wood finish hardware. Since this dresser has metal handles, it is easy to move it about if you wish to. The only drawback is that this dresser costs a bit more than the rest due to the metal handles, but then you get what you pay for so to speak.

Before you decide to buy a dresser, check the price online (if you don’t have access to a computer then read reviews) or ask for discounts. If you want to buy a dresser with ample storage, buy one that comes with a lot of drawers. Some of the most common types of minimalist dressers that are available in the market today are the following: cylinder dressers, half barrel dressers, double barrel dressers and single barrel dressers. Each model of dressers has its own advantages and disadvantages.

The cylinder dresser is ideal for smaller bedrooms since it can fit within any room. It comes with the option of having two rows of drawers while the other option is just one row. It is also easy to clean since it does not have any moving parts. This kind of dresser however might not be the best fit for a two-story bedroom or a living room with rectangular design. For that reason, it is ideal for medium-sized bedrooms where space is limited.

The half barrel dressers on the other hand is ideal for medium-sized rooms as well as for those who wish for a more spacious look. It can accommodate at least three rows of compartments, each having five to six drawers. If you wish for additional storage, you can go for the double barrels which are usually placed at the center or at the sides of the piece. It features a hutch and comes with optional side hangers and key racks. Other things considered are the material used to make the unit and the number of drawers.

Another type of great minimalist dresser that you might want to consider is the modway type. This is made from solid wood and it comes with optional hangers and shelves. Its drawers are quite stylish since they feature modish curved lines that resemble those of a calligraphy work. You can also get these types if you have a vintage taste in your interior design style. These are very elegant looking even without their wooden base. If you wish for something that will help you create a more modern space, then the modway item is definitely for you.