The Ultimate Minimalist Wedding Ring

A minimalist wedding ring might sound like it is not very practical, but it’s actually very easy to find a really nice minimalist ring. Why? Because it is! There are many different styles that you can choose from. You are not limited to just a white gold band or even just a silver band, you can have a band of any color that you would like.


When looking for that perfect elegant, simple wedding band which has absolutely nothing fancy then this would be the right choice for you. Simple is beautiful and this minimalist wedding ring certainly is an example of that. It is made in solid 14 karat gold and is also available in pink gold, rose gold and white gold variations. It features a simple design with a small prong setting in the shape of a heart, which offers some good visibility but is also very discreet.


The simplicity of this band comes from the way it is made. The ring is made up of thin, square prongs rather than the circular prongs that are common on most other bands. These prongs are made out of steel, which prevents the metal from bending when worn. This also means that the ring will be less likely to scratch which can be a problem for some people. You can choose from several different gemstones too which makes this minimalist wedding ring a very good option.


Many people think that these types of bands cannot contain diamonds. This simply is not true. Because the diamonds are contained within the gold, they do not end up competing with the gemstone for space on the band. They can actually complement the gemstones rather than clash with them. These bands feature diamonds of varying sizes, shapes and colors. Yellow gold is commonly used for these types of minimalist wedding rings as it looks fantastic.


Of course there are many other styles of minimalist rings that you can look at. One of these is that of the Celtic style diamond ring. These are often made with round shaped diamonds which blend beautifully with the metal. They can come in a variety of finishes too, including those with a hammered finish or silver plated. The Celtic style diamond rings usually have beautiful Celtic knot designs at the center and are often topped with a simple prong setting.


For those couples planning a wedding on a budget, the birthstone concept is another option worth considering. You can buy your engagement ring and wedding band in the same gemstone and just exchange the birthstone for each piece. Or you could also buy a single gemstone set with the engagement ring being the focal point of the set. This is also a great idea for those couples on a tight budget but who still want a minimalistic design.


There are also several other style of minimalist wedding rings to consider. You could for example opt for a cluster of smaller sapphires to adorn the engagement ring. Or you could opt for small diamonds set in the band alongside a cluster of brighter ones. Alternatively you could have a large diamond on the engagement ring and then encase a few smaller ones in a prong setting around it.


These types of jewelry are becoming extremely popular amongst brides and the groom as they are incredibly inexpensive and stylish. A great place to find affordable minimalist wedding rings is at discount wholesalers and retailers who specialize in jewelry. But whatever kind of jewelry you end up choosing, always remember that there’s nothing quite like a new piece of diamond wedding rings to add a whole new look and feel to your already stunning look.