The Ultimate Minimalist Baby Registry: The Only Items You’ll Need

The Ultimate Minimalist Baby Registry: The Only Items You’ll Need

If you’d like to avoid the typical baby clutter trap, you’ll tell you what you need in your minimalist baby registry. But first, lets get your baby registries up and running. I recommend setting up one for every month of your life with your newborn or soon-to-be child. This way when someone comes by and says they want to help you with something, you can say “I’ve already got X number of items in my nursery, do I need another?” Now, you’ll always have a certain number of items on hand, and it will be easier to find things when your baby starts biting and scratching.

The Ultimate Minimalist Baby Registry: The Only Items You’ll Need


There are many reasons for setting up a minimalist baby registry. You might want to keep your nursery clutter-free, so all the usual baby stuff is already in place. You may want to give up the car seat for a crib, or you may want to switch to a bassinet (or a cradle, or a baby swing). You might just want some new clothes for your babies’ sleep sessions – anything to make those sleep sessions more pleasant.


To start your minimalist baby registry, go to your local department store or Amazon (the best store I’ve found for baby products). Look for a section or an entire baby aisle devoted to newborn and baby accessories. You will usually find a section marked “diaper” that will have most of your basic necessities, such as a car seat, a diaper bag, bottles, diapers, etc. You can also find some great deals on some great baby supplies – particularly if you shop online.


Amazon offers a free account, which means you can quickly see what it has to offer by just clicking on the “order” button. It’s a great store for any new parent. The free membership also comes with a light-bulb kit that can turn any old diapers into a stylish “blingy” accent for baby’s room that only costs a few dollars. The best part is that all the materials for this kit are sold at Amazon’s website.


If you are looking for a specific kind of accent to use in your nursery, there are a few specific items that you should definitely include in your list. First, you will need a “crib” for your baby’s play yard. Since most new parents opt for a play yard that allows them to simply throw a blanket over the child so that they are safe from the elements, most cribs sold today are very stylish and provide plenty of room for a growing baby to be in. Look for convertible cribs that have convertible sides that allow you to change to a “standard” size crib as your baby grows.


Next, you will want a car seat and stroller combination for your trips to daycare or to the park. Both these useful additions can be found on a minimalist style baby set registry. For example, a popular car seat for a boy is a Infant Gear Tandem, while a top-notch stroller is the Thinki Flip. Both of these great options can be found on a baby set registry online. There are also many ways that you can incorporate these two safe additions into your daily life, including:


As your baby gets older, there is likely some of him/her still wearing diapers. You may think that this is a waste of money, but it is actually a perfectly healthy thing for a child to wear diapers for the first month or more of life. This will allow you to transition your child from being wet to dried off. A car seat and stroller travel system are perfect for this transition. As your baby gets older, you can continue to use the car seat and stroller travel system to help your child get through the day.


Finally, there is a practical baby registry addition that every mom should have: a crib sound machine. Crib sound machines are perfect for quiet sleep sessions. You can wake your child up to the sounds of nature in the woods or your neighborhood on a quiet Sunday morning. The sounds of nature can help you get rid of all of your stress and tension before you have even gotten out of bed. The cost of these items will vary depending on the brand you buy and the specific model that you buy. However, you can find a brand and a model that work for every mom!