The Top 5 Minimalist Kitchen Essentials

If you’re like most people who spend half of their day in the kitchen, then you’ve probably heard of all the great new kitchen gadgets these past few years that have made cooking easier and more fun. You may have even seen them on TV or online. But have you tried any of these latest innovations yet? Here are a few ideas for incorporating some of these newer kitchen staples into your kitchen.


A microfiber chopping board may be one of the newest kitchen essentials, but it’s certainly one of the most important. If you’re happy with your current kitchen set up, you may want to skip down to this recipe for a list of six recipes that incorporate crushed garlic, a sliced celery stick, and an ingredient found at almost every store – a blender. Or if you’re in someone else’s kitchen and find yourself without a blender. You can substitute a quality blender for a pasta attachment on a conventional knife or a sharp kitchen knife and get just as good of a result.


When you’re shopping for items to put into your new minimalist kitchen essentials kit, try to avoid any with blades that are made from steel or with a ceramic material. These two materials are too difficult to clean and they won’t hold up well over time. For example, a stainless steel knife blade will rust and a ceramic material blade will be unable to heat up, soften and cut through the tough pasta and chicken bones you’ll be cutting for your meal. For any recipe where you need to bake or roast something, you’ll need a good quality nonstick pan or wok. Not only does the outside affect the taste of whatever you prepare, but the inside of a wok or skillet is also what holds things together and keeps them from burning.


Another one of the minimalist kitchen essentials that you don’t want to miss is a good quality multi-purpose measuring cup and spoon. This is especially true if you plan on baking or roasting a lot since a measuring cup and spoon will come in very handy. The best measuring tools are ones that have multiple sizes so you can gauge the ingredients and cooking times correctly. Many measuring devices also come with a wooden handle so it’s easy to use and clean. A good quality measuring cup and spoon should have a steel or ceramic base and be made from a durable material.


A good pair of kitchen gloves is another of the many minimalist kitchen essentials that you won’t want to miss when preparing meals for your family. Any good set of kitchen gloves has to be able to withstand repeated washing and must be water resistant. For food preparation purposes, it’s a good idea to get a pair that has both a soft touch and a plastic grip on the fingers because you’re going to be applying these ingredients to other food.


Another of the many minimalist kitchen essentials you need to have is a good collection of pantry containers. You want to make sure you have plenty of storage space to prepare and store your daily items as well as seasonal items that come in handy during the year. A good set of pantry containers will come in a few sizes and some are snap together which will make it easy to organize everything in the container. You’ll also find that these pantry storage containers come in a variety of shapes and colors which will provide a great array of looks for your pantry. You can also find small sized plastic containers that come in a couple of different colors and can be used for color coordination with your kitchen cabinets.


Last but certainly not least on the list of minimalist kitchen essentials that you have to have is a good collection of kitchenware. When picking out your utensils, you want to pick only those that are very functional such as a set of wooden spoons with spout covers. They should also be able to stand up to the cooking environment so that they will last for many years to come. It’s also important that the utensils you buy are of the highest quality and constructed of materials that won’t rust or break down easily.


Last but certainly not least on the must have list of minimalist kitchen essentials is a set of serving dishes. While there are no clear cut rules when it comes to serving dishes, it’s best to buy serving dishes that are constructed from a material that won’t absorb liquid quickly. Plastic serving dishes will hold their shape quite well and you can find glass serving dishes if you want to go with a glass look. If you have a bar at home, then you can use glasses or serve dishes to ensure that every dish is visible at once.