The Minimalist Baker Cookbook – How It Changed My Life!

The highly anticipated second cookbook by the highly popular food blog Minimalist Baker -The Minimalist Cookbook by Jillian Michaels is out now. The first book of the series, The Paleo Cookbook, was so well received, it just released a follow up book, called the Paleo Kitchen. This book boasts recipes for everything from soup to cocktail time. This cookbook proves that there are no excuses for not cooking like a chef these days. The recipes in this cookbook are delicious!


The new cookbook by the famous female blogger and fitness instructor, which share her favorite foods and easy to prepare meals, can be considered by some to be one of the best sources for vegan and gluten-free diet and weight loss recipes out there today. The recipes in this book have been tried and true by millions of people all over the world. Because it contains so many simple and effective recipes, the overall calorie count is very reasonable.


What makes the recipes in the Minimalist Baker’s latest book different than those found in other cookbooks? Unlike other cookbooks, the contents in this one do not focus on traditional diets or special dietary needs. The recipes serve as appetizers, side dishes, and even desserts. This is not surprising since the goal of most people who become vegan or gluten-free is to reduce their daily caloric intake and to live a healthier lifestyle.


The recipes in the book are presented in a variety of styles. Some are more formal or elegant than others and each is packed with tasty, mouthwatering taste and beautiful presentations. For example, there are many vegetarian and vegan recipes with succulent tofu and other delicacies made from real, fresh vegetables and other organic products. Other non-vegan recipes such as one that includes rice and egg rolls, salad with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, basil leaves, coconut flakes, and white beans also make use of some of the beautiful products that are on the market today that are not animals (such as apples, strawberries, and avocados) or foods that are produced using hormones or antibiotics.


The recipes in the Minimalist Baker’s book include many plant-based recipes. The most popular items include vegan cheese and crackers, soy milk, salsa, vegetable spread, chocolate cake, puddings, granola bars, and other delicious food combinations. The recipes themselves do not promote a vegan lifestyle, but they do promote eating food in its most natural, unprocessed form, which is something that many vegans have begun to do in recent years.


The writing style of the book, along with its focus on plant-based foods and healthy deserts, makes the book worth buying. It contains information on what kinds of cheeses are available (the Minimalist Kitchen offers many options); what kind of spreads are available (there are over fifty different kinds); what kind of dairy products are available (there are twenty-five different options); how to prepare forty-two different kinds of pasta; and information on how to prepare three different kinds of desserts (a strawberry cake, a chocolate cake, and a fruit cake). The recipes themselves are relatively simple to prepare and are often delicious. Many of them are adaptations of classic meat-based recipes, which are usually the bread and butter dish of the day.


The recipes do not require many expensive exotic ingredients. They are typically derived from plant-based or organic ingredients, and they use ingredients that you probably already have, such as spices, nuts, and grains. For instance, many of the vegan recipes in the book require only a few main ingredients, such as onions, garlic, mushrooms, and potatoes, and no more. Some require only vegetables, nuts, or seeds, and there are several vegan desserts that don’t require any nuts or chocolate pieces at all. As the recipes are simpler than the more complicated ones on the company’s website, they require fewer ingredients, too. This means that they are also much cheaper, because they require fewer preservatives to ensure freshness.


Unlike other vegan diets, the minimalist way of eating does not exclude animal products and processed foods from your diet, so it is very easy to eat a plant-based diet full of vitamins and minerals without having to avoid all animal products, processed foods, and the “good” carbohydrates found in such things as white rice, corn syrup, cookies, and candy. That said, it does mean that you will need to take some supplements, such as multi-vitamins. (Vitamin B12 and Vitamin E are particularly important for vegetarians, as they are needed to promote healthy bones and nerves.) In addition, for someone who has certain health conditions, such as diabetes, hypothyroidism, or arthritis, it may be necessary to talk to their doctor before trying out one of the vegan recipes in the Minimalist Baker eBook.