The Men’s Minimalist Wardrobe

When most people think of a mens minimalist wardrobe, they usually picture a shirt and tie combination and a pair of jeans. While this is true, there are other pieces that make up a great minimalist wardrobe. For example, you can also dress with an Italian leather belt, plain or with embroidery, and a brown leather Oxford shirt with a dark stain. These three items will make a fantastic base for any type of shirt, sweater, or blouse. They all go great with jeans and they all look smart when paired with a pair of pleated pants.


Another great mens minimalist wardrobe choice is paired with a pair of chinos. A solid black dress pant or a dark washed dress shirt looks fantastic when teamed with chinos. While the dark-washed shirt is more conservative than the black, they both still complement each other in a way that just makes them look classy. Pair your chinos with a plain, white dress pocket and some simple lace ups to complete the look.


A men’s minimalist wardrobe looks great paired with a white or black shirt and a dark-colored or gray jumper. Again, this makes a great look, but there are other options as well. For example, you could pair a gray or black t-shirt with a gray or black knit jumper. This will look great whether you have on a dark colored shirt or a light-colored one.


The classic denim jacket still finds a place in every mans minimalist wardrobe. Because it is so versatile, you can easily do a lot with it. You can use it to create a v neck look, which is incredibly popular these days. You can also use it to create a layered look, which is very popular as well. Any men’s jacket is going to look fantastic paired with a graphic tee, a plain t-shirt, a plain cardigan, or plain leggings.


As for neckwear, there is no limit. Whether you pair a plain, chino-style necktie with a plain, chino-style shirt or a pea shirt, you are bound to be a hit. You could also opt for something a little more stylish like a v neck or a turtleneck. There are so many different options when it comes to neckties. It really is impossible to make a wrong choice!


Leather is another important part of your outfit when it comes to a man’s wardrobe. Leather chinos, dress shoes, a cashmere sweater – there are so many ways you can wear leather. Again, there are options for each season, so you are never stuck for what to wear. From leather to suede, you will have something that will work in any situation.


Sweaters are another essential for your minimalist dress code. In the summer months, you will want to have light weight cotton, wool, or synthetic materials. In winter, go with heavyweight fleece, wool, or cotton. Sweaters should always be paired with a dress shirt. A plain, neutral-colored dress shirt with an item of basic dress material will work wonders for your look.


Another thing that goes hand in hand with your everyday dress shirt is a solid, reliable pair of chinos. If you are in the market for a good pair of dress chinos, be sure to spend time shopping around. Chinos come in so many varieties that it is easy to get confused and end up buying a pair that does not suit your body type or occasion. Spend some time shopping around and making a list of your favorite brands, color options, and fabric choices. This will help ensure that you do not end up with a pair of chinos that are uncomfortable and do not suit your every man’s wardrobe!