The Basics of Minimalism Website

Whether it is a simple navigable website or the sleek, streamlined interface, a minimalist website always re-igns potential prospects. It is mainly for the potential clients as the ease factor alone is not just built around the company but also for your personal needs. Here are some reasons why minimalist website design has become all the rage these days: Easy interface. What if you have no time to learn HTML or CSS? With a minimalist website, you can build it in less than 30 minutes. No need to hire a professional web designer and get him/her to do it for you.


Clean and navigable. In a world of colorful, dazzling websites, how will your prospect perceive your site? With a clean and navigable interface, your prospect will surely pick up your site. It is not only effective aesthetically but also gives customers the ease to browse through your website. This is what’s called “defining characteristics.”


Minimalism with its defining characteristics. With a minimalist website, you don’t have to add so many flashy graphics, flash, and other unnecessary elements. All content and visual aspects are built in a way that they are very much accessible to everyone. This is called minimalist design.


Great typography. The simplicity of the design is balanced by this equally important feature – great typography. For this reason, people who favor minimalism also prefers the use of sans serif typefaces. Some examples of sans-serif typefaces used in a minimalist website are Helvetica, Arial, and Verdana. Of course, there are plenty more, but these give you a glimpse of the typical ones you will see.


Great typography. Again, it is this very feature that brings out the best from a minimalist design. Because most images, videos, and small elements like photos and videos are placed at the top of each page, we get the feeling that the actual content is the most important part. When done in this manner, readers will get attracted to the visual cues and will not be distracted by the heavy typeface and other elements. Because it is so small, it looks professional and crisp and can therefore contribute a lot to the appeal of your site.


One less. While most websites use a variety of colors for different purposes, there are some that lean more towards having just one main color, mainly using bold or monotone fonts. This makes for a more elegant and minimalist look that makes the message clear and concise. Some good example fonts include Arial and Helvetica.


Cognitive appeal. Another benefit of a minimalist website is the way it appeals to the human brain. With the large number of components and its barebones design, it makes cognitive tasks such as remembering navigation easier. Because everything is so clearly defined and with no unnecessary elements, users are able to focus on the main elements and get what they want out of the experience.


All in all, it is evident that there are clear advantages of a minimalist approach when it comes to design. However, just because a website is minimalist, doesn’t mean that it cannot still be visually striking and attractive. The use of great typography, beautiful photos, and other artistic elements can help make the overall impression strong enough. Another thing that many designers forget about is the way colors should relate to each other. So when doing minimalism, it is important to remember that it all has to work together in harmony to achieve a coherent and attractive design.


Minimalists often use black text on a white background for the most part. This gives it a starker appearance which gives it a more serious look. There are some minimalists that choose to add a splash of color with lots of contrasting elements like bright colors like red and orange or other neon colors. One thing that many people don’t realize about minimalism is that it is actually an approach that promotes human interaction. This is because it uses only basic graphic elements like texts and images and requires the use of less colors overall which makes it easier to focus on the visual elements without getting distracted by the various colors.


Because of the minimal approach in minimalism, it has become very popular amongst designers. It helps create a much cleaner and less cluttered web design. With minimalism being able to achieve so much with so few elements, designers can create a lot of content using only a few bold colors and minimalist designs. Of course, when you’re starting out with a brand new website it might be best to go with a flat design first to get your feet wet before moving on to more complicated layouts. Once you have found success with a minimalist website, you will find that flat designs can be kept for quite some time with minimal changes as your business grows.


Another thing to keep in mind with a minimalist website is the use of typography. Unlike a lot of the other elements that we see in our web design, the font is typically bolder which makes it stand out even more. Using a lot of black fonts on a white background can sometimes be hard to read for many people. So for a more legible font, try using a typeface that has a little bit of black in it. You can also try going with a sans-serif typeface which gives your text a cleaner look and doesn’t break up the bold types that you have used. Just make sure to keep the black in so it doesn’t become too much.