Tattoo Designs and Styles of Cat Tattoos

Tattoo Designs and Styles of Cat Tattoos

If you’re thinking of getting some ink done to your cat’s paw, get ready to think big. Most artists who do cat tattoos follow one of two schools of thought. There are those who like to make their work as elaborate as possible, and then there are those who want it to be as simple and striking as possible. Here are some of the most striking ideas for minimalistic cat tattoos:

Minimalist cat tattoos with good luck motifs. You can’t go wrong with a simple leaf or flower design, especially if it’s in black, because these are symbols that can convey good luck. The classic example would be a white cat with a red ribbon tied around its body. Other popular symbolic meanings associated with these images include love and faith, which may mean good luck for you in more ways than one. These types of designs tend to be quite popular among people who want a discreet reminder of good luck.

Minimalist animal designs. Not all people are into symbolism, but a lot of them appreciate simple images that they can easily identify with. This is where most traditional cat tattoos fall into the category of “easy to identify with.”

Cute cat tattoos with cute kitty faces. Cats are some of the cutest animals, and they definitely qualify as cute. This is a great place for you to express yourself, especially if you have cats of your own. Cute feline friends tattoo designs are also a favorite choice among women, who love to see their cats cute and adorable in a sexy nautical-type design.

Cats in flight. Some of the cutest images are of kitties flying. People often like to use this concept in a cute way in terms of kitty tattoos: As a symbolization of flying. Of course, it’s not just kitties that are the preferred option; other cute animals such as dogs, horses, frogs, flowers, and birds are also popular choices. Whatever you choose, it’ll always be associated with cats.

Celebrities with cats. It would definitely be impossible to list all of the people who have tattoos of cats. Stars, athletes, singers, and fashion models are some of the most famous people love to get kitty tattoos of, possibly because of their association with cats (such celebrities probably have multiple cat tattoos, aside from the one on their bodies), or perhaps because of their social media and entertainment fan following, which allows them to share cute photos of themselves with their cats.

Lucky cat tattoos and suns. Some people really like to get suns, lucky cat tattoos, and starfish tattoos as their favorite tattoo motifs. These popular tattoo motifs are typically used in ink designs meant to emulate the good luck of the kitty. It is said that the luck of cats (or, in some accounts, the bad luck of cats) is associated with the color blue, which can be associated with the sea or the sun. It’s no wonder then that people love to use these tattoo motifs to show off their cats, whether they are related or not.

The range of people who have kitty tattoos of their own goes far beyond celebrities and common citizens. Some animal lovers go so far as to have a complete body artwork made specifically for them, complete with tribal designs, zodiac signs, and other traits of their feline friends. Others choose only specific areas on their bodies to showcase their cats’ art. And, still others choose to incorporate feline-inspired tattoo designs into their entire body art. Whatever your personal preferences, there are designs and styles of kitty tattoos out there to suit your tastes, whatever they may be.