Sexy and Simple Small Moon Tattoos

Sexy and Simple Small Moon Tattoos

Are you considering a large and bold new tattoo? Perhaps a crescent moon or dolphin moon on your ankle, forearm or lower back would be ideal for today’s urban fashion conscious individual. Tattoos of all shapes and sizes are available today in any style or pattern you can imagine. The possibilities are endless when it comes to moon tattoos. Whether you decide on a large crescent moon tattoo or smaller more subtle moon tattoo designs, the beauty of a tattoo on the skin is always unique.

Smaller tattoos are generally easy to hide if needed and are often considered more feminine and less noticeable than larger tattoos. Larger tattoos are usually more visible at the back, so if this is a tattoo design you would like to have, there are designs for the lower back, upper back, arm and ankle. Smaller tattoos are great for the lower back, shoulder blade and lower belly areas. Designs include tribal moon tattoos, Celtic and tribal moon tattoos, floral moon tattoos, zodiac moon tattoos, butterfly moon tattoos and star and moon tattoos. Some of the more popular designs for women include dolphins and fish, hearts and flowers.

In ancient times, the Romans were no strangers to the sun and moon artwork. They often adorned themselves with sun and moon jewelry. Not only was this a statement making a statement about their individuality, but also about the Roman way of life. Romans loved to decorate their bodies with beautiful and colorful decorative tattoos. A sun or moon tattoo was a favorite among Roman women.

Many people have different interpretations of the meaning behind the crescent moon and stars. Some people believe they represent the phases of life, others that they stand for the cycles of the moon. Either way, the symbolism remains the same. If you choose to have a crescent moon stick tattooed on your body, try to get one with deep black ink because this symbol is said to have many mystical properties. When put under the light of the sun, black ink is believed to have the power of indigo.

One cute sailor moon tattoo design that you might consider would be the sailor’s feet. The shape is like those of the feet that the crew members used to wear in their ships. To make it even more appealing, add some waves to it with some bright colors. You can use black ink to make this tattoo design cute and pretty for girls as well as boys.

Another cool crescent and star tattoo design would be the little North Star tattooed on the foot, or perhaps the small North Star tattooed on the ankle. Both these tattoos would definitely make a statement about you, and they would also look great on pretty much any part of your body. Women love tattoos on the lower back, especially on the hip. The little North Star tattoo would be a very cute tattoo design for women, and even some guys!

If you are into flowers then you might want to consider the sun designs. Sunflowers are among the most popular tattoos, but they also make for some very unique and stylish tattoo ideas. The sun is one of nature’s most prolific symbols, and you can choose from a wide variety of flowers to complete the design. Depending on how many colors you want to put in the tattoo, and the size of your flower, the sun designs can become very complicated, so it is good to have an expert in your corner!

If you are thinking of getting a tattoo, no doubt you have at least one “in the hole” that you really want inked. Cute, crescent moon tattoos will help you achieve the look you are aiming for when getting your next tattoo. Whether you are getting your first one, or you have just become tired of the same old tattoo, these tattoos will be the best one to help you express yourself. You can put almost anything you want in them, including stars, tribal designs, and even butterflies!