Minimalist Wedding Dresses – How to Achieve the Classic Wedding Look

Minimalist Wedding Dresses – How to Achieve the Classic Wedding Look

A minimalist wedding dress is so very important when planning a wedding. Such a dress would not be decorated with the typical elements for a traditional wedding dress: embroidery, lace, Swarovski. Instead, such a dress would be bare, it could be short or long but its main beauty is in its simplicity, the pure beauty of the plain material, some delicate curve, a beautiful silhouette and even some little pockets! Don’t worry that your wedding attire will lack the usual dazzle of jewels and rhinestones. You will not be out of place among the other bridesmaids wearing glamorous dresses with Swarovski crystals, but you will look simply ravishing in a simple wedding dress with just a touch of sparkle.

A simple wedding dress can come in many styles, lengths, fabrics and patterns. It may also come with more than one option. For instance, you might have a choice between a halter-type wedding dress and a straight-style one. If you don’t, you could choose a long sleeved wedding dress and a straight-style one or vice versa for the same woman.

The most important thing about a minimalist wedding dress is the shape and the style of the bodice. There are many ways to go on the train. There are the classic long sleeves over the shoulders with only a small V-neck underneath or the classic train with a V-neckline.

You may have your heart set on a more modern type of a gown such as a strapless, open back wedding gown. You could consider a sleeveless gown with a high neckline. This is very much in the realm of the minimalist wedding dress and gives the bride much more room to breathe. High necklines on traditional gowns are very boxy and don’t give the bride much room to move her neck, let alone her arms and legs.

Another popular option for the minimalist wedding dress is a sleeveless bodice with either a layered skirt or a single piece of tulle on the skirt. The bodice is often decorated with a beaded brooch or lace trim. The skirt is typically very simple in its design. There may be some kind of floral trim that is pleated at the edge of the skirt. Either of these options would look smashing with a long, dramatic train.

For a more modern look, there are several brides who opt for a halter style of wedding dress. A halter dress gives the bride a sleeker look and the long neckline accentuates this look. The neckline can be low or high, depending on the bride’s personal preference. The train can be one long piece of tulle or a separate, shorter piece of fabric with a beaded trim. This style of minimalist wedding dress also comes in a sleeveless version with a straight bodice. This is ideal for women with fuller, thicker necks.

Finally, another popular option is the sleeveless or “bare sleeve” wedding dress. Women who want to keep their arms close to their body usually choose this design because of the ability to stay completely bare on the major ceremony. A single sleeve dress, with no sleeves, also gives a similar look. Another great feature of this type of minimalist wedding dress is the absence of a deep v-neckline.

When it comes to the neckline, there are several options to consider. One is a traditional A-line neckline, which has the bodice flaring out from the neck. Another option is a V-neck, which provides an illusion of a much more streamlined silhouette. Many women opt for a shallow v-neckline, since it creates a natural curve. Finally, many brides choose to go with a very simple, square a-line neckline, which has few curves and is very forgiving. Minimalist wedding dresses can provide a beautiful a-line, square neckline or a shallow V-neckline that provides maximum support.