Minimalist Living Rooms – Simple and Minimalist Themed

A living room is a space where family members spent most of their time together; apart from dining room of course. It is where we share our stories and moments with each other, filled with happiness and relaxation. A minimalist and cluttered free living room is exactly what we need, continue reading to find out how to create such environment.

Minimalist Living Rooms Steps By Steps

You don’t need a super sized space to make your living room looks big. By applying the minimalist design techniques, even a small space can turn out to looks big and trendy.

Firstly, you need to paint your living room using 2-3 classic neutral colors. Choose a dominant color that is bright and two dark accent colors. The common color are white, gray, brown, or colors that can be found in nature such as green and blue.

Bright colors are often preferred because it will make your space looks larger. As for your wall and floor, just a single color to create the open space visual and serene feeling. Plain texture is preferred over complex pattern, avoid prints at all cost.
If you have uneven corners within your living room, you can hide them with clever cover-up from stores like IKEA or DOLLAR store to make a clean lines.

Keep your living room organized and uncluttered is KEY, there are many modern looking smart storage boxes you can get from MUJI or H&M Home Decor to keep your living room organized.

The last step is to choose your furniture, buy furniture that is simple and doesn’t look bulky – most of these type of furniture you can get from IKEA or MUJI. They are easy to assembly, simple and looks modern and trendy. Listed below are several of the very best minimalist furniture brands you can check out as reference.


No listing of easy, little decor brands will be complete without a note of IKEA, the Scandinavian household goods outlet with a recognition for it is streamlined, products that are affordable. It provides smaller decor details and furniture for every area in the home, from the family room to the kitchen area. Simply do not let its connection with initial apartments as well as dorm rooms scare you off of. There is a treasure trove of designs that are timeless located at this specific retailer.


MUJI is actually a veritable one-stop-shop of minimalist products and solutions. You are able to shop everything from decor and furniture to travel clothing and essentials at the Japanese merchant. Naturally, we are partial to their home decoration solutions, that are decidedly small and usually made with reusable materials. The brand captures minimalism to the subsequent level by staying away from waste when you are looking at packaging and production. And also, to the delight of staunch minimalists all over, additionally, they use a no brand as well as no logo policy.

Ferm Living

At Ferm Living, you will find contemporary designs featuring rich colors and luxe textures. While several of the items are actually a little much more avant garde, the retailer earns an area on our list of little decor makes due to its Scandinavian tradition. Based around Copenhagen, the parts are actually created from worldwide artisans and keep a sleek, look that is modern.

H&M Home

Do not be suspicious of H&M Home’s decoration only since it is inexpensive. The brand has proven to become a high quality resource for household essentials. You are able to find easy bedding, streamlined kitchenwares, and inexpensive pillow blankets primed to stand the check of time. Though several of their parts err on the edge of fashionable, most are steadfastly minimal. New collections appear to shed all of the moment, therefore you will certainly not be without brand new interior design inspiration.

Blu Dot

Based around Minneapolis, Blu Dot was created by 2 architects along with a sculptor inside 1997. Since that time, the brand makes a title for itself as a contemporary style retailer brimming with pieces that are unique (all created as well as made in house) which will not cost you the life savings of yours. Their products are simple, elegant, and sleek enough to work in nearly any area.


Toronto-based Umbra creates designs that are modern that often fuse performance and form. The brand name prides itself on becoming casual, functional, modern, and original. You are able to shop for furniture also as advanced accessories for each room. Products consist of all coming from tables to trash cans, enabling you to source streamlined parts for every nook as well as cranny of the space of yours.

Apparatus Studio

Founded by Gabriel Hendifar as well as Jeremy Anderson, Apparatus Studio includes stunningly modern lighting in elegantly pared down designs. Though the brand is actually used in York that is New, they of late unveiled a Los Angeles design and style showroom in which the striking pieces of theirs are actually on display that is full. The items are far more love works of art than regular home decor, however, they have a simplistic quality which would fit right into a minimalist space.