Minimalist Living Room Furniture – How to Design Your Home Using Minimalism

Minimalist Living Room Furniture – How to Design Your Home Using Minimalism

Minimalist Living Room Furniture – How to Design Your Home Using Minimalism

When most people think of minimalist living rooms, their first thought is usually of small, cramped spaces. It is a style that is very popular in apartments and for many of the homeowners that live in condos. However, it is also very practical for those of us who are not limited in space. If you have a smaller home or apartment but still want to have some of the charm and appeal of a larger space, a minimalist design may be exactly what you need.


The minimalist living room can either be ultra-modern with bare, stark black walls and silver appliances, or it can still have a traditional, warm look. You don’t have to sacrifice style and comfort for the functionality either. In fact, it is possible to create such an effect that it actually pulls the entire room together. Minimalist furniture and artwork are often chosen. Some pieces include textured wood floors, dark-painted cabinets and shelves, minimal artwork, and so on.


Some of the common pieces of furniture used in a minimalist living room include a coffee table, a side table, and an area rug. These items will also work well together as well. Other items may include a natural stone fireplace surround, artwork that is abstract in nature, and even hacker Guthrie’s artwork. Hecker Guthrie is a German furniture designer who has created a beautiful neutral wall art that utilizes earth tones and greenery. Having a piece such as this around your home can create a feeling of cleanliness and elegance that is rare to find with other types of decor.


The type of furniture that one chooses for their minimalist living room can vary depending on how much style and elegance they desire. Some of the furniture that can be found are so basic and functional that they can actually serve as a conversation piece. As more design is put into homes, more homeowners are finding that it is not uncommon to find furniture that is colorful, decorative, and has a unique shape or style.


One example of this can be found with a small coffee table that is made from solid wood and embellished with metal decorations. It sits upon a sturdy metal frame that provides the base upon which a metal canopy is suspended. A wrought iron shelf and drawer surround complete the ensemble. The use of bold colors and simplistic designs is at the heart of this type of decor. This perfect example of minimalist living room furniture can fit in with almost any decorating scheme because it offers such a simple look.


The use of minimalism can also be found with the type of material that a sofa is made from. A leather sofa with an Ottoman creates the perfect combination of functionality and beauty. In addition, when looking for a piece of furniture that will be functional as well as beautiful, the minimalist approach still wins out. A black and gray couch with a leather Ottoman creates the perfect example of minimalist living room furniture. In most cases, the use of a rug is also incorporated into the minimalist style because rugs offer some color and texture to the space.


When shopping for furniture for your home, be sure to take a look at the minimalist living room as an example. While it is not common to see a sofa with a matching Ottoman in this type of setting, it certainly does happen. Another nice touch is to add a couple of art pieces onto the walls such as a picture of flowers or a print. By combining the use of bold colors and simplistic designs, this type of living space can be designed in almost any way that the homeowner would like.


In many cases, the use of minimalist living room furniture involves the use of basic geometric shapes and lines. For example, a room could be designed with a mosaic table and chairs made of rectangular and square glass. However, the walls are often covered in black or perhaps grey tiles. Alternatively, the floors could be made from smooth marble or granite and the ceiling covered with simple, solid, pastel colored walls. In many cases, a sofa such as the one described above will provide the seating and the walls a monochrome palette which is then accentuated by the use of black, gray or gray-tinted glass. When shopping for this type of sofas, you’ll find that there are many manufacturers who make these types of sofas.