Minimalist Engagement Rings With Sparkle

Minimalist Engagement Rings With Sparkle

Unlike bolder more elaborate styles like three stone or diamond engagement rings, minimalist engagement rings tend to be on the less elaborate side. They can feature just one central stone in an elevated setting, or several smaller stones in more traditional settings so the appearance is quite daintier. The result is that they can look very attractive if you’re not looking for a display of maximum flair. If you’re looking for something that will be simple but elegant then these are definitely for you!

A big factor in ring trends is the popularity of new materials and shapes. New types of metals are being used in jewelry all the time. One of the latest is titanium, which has been around for a few years now and has found its way into some newer minimalist engagement rings. Titanium is a strong metal but is also very light so it’s very flexible too.

This means it’s ideal for people who don’t like to wear heavy metal bands. It’s also extremely popular with the male population because of its durability and low cost, which is always a bonus. Other metals that are being used in minimalist engagement rings include gold and silver. Silver is becoming more popular because of the trendy bezel setting.

A bezel is a raised area on the ring’s band that encircles the gemstone. The ring’s sides are beveled and curved, giving the appearance of the gemstone resting on the metal’s surface. Some minimalist engagement rings feature a single center diamond. Other bands have the gemstone centered in the center of the ring on a separate stone. It all depends on what the woman’s preferences are.

There are many other types of minimalism nowadays too. Scandinavian designers are popular for crafting jewelry with intricate beading. Some even feature open ends so the jewelry can be worn on any finger. Art deco inspired rings have been popping up in jewelry stores recently as well. The Swiss design school Swiss watch makes an impressive range of minimalistic watches.

One of the most popular choices among modern minimalist engagement rings is a one center stone. This rings combines one large gemstone with several smaller accent stones. Many times diamonds are combined with rubies or sapphires. A single solitaire ring is very classic. You can find them in dozens of different colors from red to blue.

Another trend in these minimalist rings is to use contrasting accent stones. An example would be a single pink stone set flush in the middle of a green band. Some also choose to add in white diamonds, turquoise, and emeralds as accent stones in their rings. Although this may seem like a mess, it can actually make the piece look quite clean cut and elegant.

The minimalist engagement rings described above are just a few of the options you will find when shopping around. Other styles include vintage-inspired, Edwardian, Art Deco, and transitional styles. Some of the most popular names in the vintage-inspired market are Cartier, De Beers, Chopard, and Tiffany. The most sought after ones in the transitional style are probably Chanel and Tiffany.

One of the latest trends in minimalism is to use yellow gold. There are some minimalist engagement rings that use white gold, but many people prefer the yellow gold because it looks more classic. If your fiancee prefers the minimalist style, a ring that features one center stone with yellow gold accents will definitely be a hit.

As for other design elements, minimalist engagement rings that feature round or oval stones are especially popular. They make a nice complement to the rectangular shape of the ring, especially when you pair them with matching rings. Round and oval styles are also ideal if you would like to add flair to your overall design elements.

A few of the other styles that are popular with women today include emeralds, rubies, aquamarines, and tanzanites. Each of these gemstones have their own unique appearance, but many brides choose to incorporate one or two of these styles in their minimalist engagement rings. Because they are so simple, they can still sparkle like other more elaborate engagement rings.

Of course, no minimalist engagement ring is complete without a centerpiece. Since most of these rings feature a round, oval, or square stone, there are plenty of ways to incorporate center stones into the design. You could go with a large solitaire style stone to draw attention to the center stone, you could use a single drop or cascade type center stone, or you could choose to use various gemstones as your decor.