Minimalist Engagement Rings – Solitaire Diamonds With A Minimalist Twist

Minimalist Engagement Rings – Solitaire Diamonds With A Minimalist Twist

Minimalist engagement rings have become very popular in the past few years. Unlike more dramatic styles like three stones or more engagement rings, minimalist engagement rings tend to be on the less dramatic side. They can feature only one center stone in an elevated setting, a ring shape that is quite plain or several smaller stones in a more natural style so the overall look is quite daintier.

Minimalist Engagement Rings – Solitaire Diamonds With A Minimalist Twist


There are a lot of unique characteristics that these rings have. One of the most notable is that minimalist engagement rings will often feature white gold or platinum bands. Rings with white gold or platinum bands will tend to have a bit more elegance and sophistication than those that use yellow gold. These metals are softer and more comfortable to wear. And while the lighter colors make the metals appear more pale, they actually give the band a unique bluish tint.


Other unique characteristics of minimalist engagement rings is the use of either round or emerald cut diamonds. The emerald cut is named after the gemstone’s shape, which is like an oval. This style has consistently been a favorite among women for hundreds of years. A round diamond is usually reserved for modern settings, like a classic oval-shaped ring.


Another setting option for minimalist engagement rings is without a diamond at all. The stone could be in an uncut diamond form or in another metal like silver or white gold. A ring with one diamond on a gold band looks quite elegant. If you prefer, you can always choose an alternative gem like a sapphire. It can serve as the accent stones for your ring.


There are some other unique characteristics of minimalist engagement rings that have to do with the bezel setting. Many people confuse the bezel setting with the band, but it is actually a separate component. In a bezel setting, the top half of the band is encased while the bottom has no design. It makes a lip around the band so it won’t slip. Some people also think that the bezel means the diamond is higher quality, but that isn’t necessarily true.


Classic styles of engagement rings will often have bezels, which is why many people call these minimalist engagement rings smooth. It is certainly a nice finish, but it doesn’t have to be very elaborate or expensive. There are many different bezels that can look amazing when combined with other types of jewelry designs. If you are looking for a more affordable alternative, look for designs that incorporate a combination of precious and non-precious gemstones, like rubies, emeralds, and tanzanites.


The main thing to remember is that you don’t have to spend a lot of money to get something that is elegant. Some of the most simple yet elegant minimalist engagement rings can be had at a fraction of the price of a more elaborate style. You should definitely take the time to look at all of the different styles before choosing the one that is right for your personality. This way you will have a beautiful engagement ring that reflects your personality and style without breaking the bank.


If you want something classic, there is still a lot out there that will fit into your budget. You can get a simple solitaire style for less than $100. You can even get a diamond pave style that is nearly as classic as the solitaire diamonds without paying a whole lot more. There are so many different options that you shouldn’t have any trouble finding a style that fits in with your budget and that you love. So if you are looking for something classy and elegant that will make you happy every day, consider the classic solitaire diamond for your minimalist engagement rings.