Minimalist Apartment Essentials

One of the biggest problems that I see with minimalist apartment dwellers is that they simply do not have enough items in their apartment. The truth is, most people living in apartments are too cramped for basic elements to be able to be enjoyed. Therefore, a good place to begin is by identifying and making a list of the minimalist living essentials that you want in your new apartment. This list can be quite long or it can start with the bare essentials and go from there.


I. The Bedside Table: In almost all minimalist dwellings, the bedroom is where the most essential element of the apartment resides. Therefore, the type of bedroom you select will dictate a lot of other aspects, including which types of household items you need to include in the space.


II. The Dining Room: The dining area is another place where you get to enjoy a lot more activity than in the bedroom. In addition, in most cases, you are required to eat meals while remaining seated. Therefore, you will need to make a decision regarding the type of furniture for the dining room that will provide you with storage for dishes while also serving the purpose of serving food. Ideally, a dining room should have an open concept with simple lines. In other words, the furniture needs to be clean lines and devoid of distracting edges.


III. Side Tables and Storage: These two apartment essentials are probably the most overlooked features of any dwelling. However, when integrated into the decor, they can add a great deal of functionality and aesthetic value to your apartment. Side tables and storage are also ideal areas for those who like to entertain on a regular basis.


IV. Coffee Tables and End Tables: As previously mentioned, most minimalist dwellings feature the concept of clean lines with simplistic lines. However, in order to maintain that concept, you may have to include a coffee table or end table. The coffee table serves a function as well, as it can be used to rest books or newspapers, or just about anything else that needs to be kept on hand.


The ideal coffee table will also need to accommodate at least one and perhaps more seating and is most effective when it is in its proper place within the living room. The same goes for an end table. It is extremely effective and practical if used to support a sofa or couch, which eliminates the need for additional seating in the living room. Thus, adding one of these minimalist apartment essentials is extremely helpful and saves space.


V. Dining Room: Here are the apartment essentials that most people seem to overlook the most. After all, dining rooms are often the most heavily used rooms in the home, despite being relatively small. Unfortunately, many people do not consider their dining rooms to be places of relaxation and do not pay enough attention to their design and functionality. In fact, many traditionalists would probably say that a contemporary apartment is incomplete without a dining room, which is ironic considering that the place is meant to relax and be comfortable. Thus, adding a simple table and chairs or even a bar stool can significantly increase your apartment’s functionality and livability.


E. Clean Lines: A true minimalist must keep in mind the idea of creating a living space that looks clean, uncluttered, and void of unneeded clutter. A well-placed rug orchid on the coffee table, a few carefully chosen paintings or photos, and perhaps a vase of fresh flowers can all go a long way towards achieving this goal. The dining room should have the same minimalist feel. When dining, a great option for a clean-lined dining room is to keep the table away from the wall, allowing some wall space to free up for other functions. A good dining room centerpiece could serve as a functional piece of furniture, serving as both a focal point and an area to display your favorite dishes. Another option for decorating a dining room is to use the timeless look of wooden chairs with clean-cut lines, paired off with an ocean-inspired tablecloth and some candles.