How to Wear Minimalist Jewellery in a Modernist Style

It is no wonder that soon after minimalist jewelry became a staple in the fashion industry, the once “cheap” jewelry became a must have accessory. Besides the variety of sizes and shapes available, minimalist jewelry just have an all-round timeless and chic essence which makes them oh so versatile as daily accessories. Minimalism was all about simplicity; clean lines without being boring, subtlety yet charm. And it has stuck with us all to this very day!


The most common use of minimalist jewelry is within the casual or home environment. Clean lines, subtlety, and a subtle design to outfits that appear to come from an expensive designer brand. This subtlety is further highlighted by the choice of colors and finishes that are utilized in conjunction with the style and coloring of these pieces. A soft, pale pink combination is quite a classic combination to work with a demure and simple outfit consisting of a simple white top teamed with a simple black tank top.


To complete the stunning chic look, why not add some more subtle highlights. With minimalist jewelry pieces, this really is not necessary. A stunning and chic chunky crystal chain with a touch of hazy gold or silver added will do just fine. Stacked rings in particular are such a great way to incorporate subtle chandelier style jewelry, without having to stack up the numbers, and creating a really chic and unique style pieces.


Another popular trend within minimalist jewelry is the use of simple yet chic bracelet styles. Rather than a single bracelet placed on an outfit, many designers and brands are combining a series of different types of jewelry into one. A simple square bracelet teamed with a pair of square earrings, for example, can be a fabulous finishing touch to your overall look. With so many different aspects to think about when selecting jewelry, it is easy to create truly individual styles of jewelry.


Of course, it doesn’t stop at simple jewelry. In fact, with modern jewelry design, it is possible to create completely seamless and lightweight pieces, whilst still maintaining a very chic and trendy look. Clean lines, minimal detailing, and vibrant colors are key features of any minimalist rings and other pieces. This means they are extremely versatile and able to be worn by both men and women, regardless of how fashion savvy they may actually be!


A really great example of this is the use of sterling silver for the making of a minimalist jewelry necklace. Sterling silver is a perfectly classy metal and pair it with either a simple gold or silver chain. Clean lines are incorporated perfectly into this type of jewelry, and a contemporary vibe is added to any outfit. For instance, if you were to pair a sterling silver necklace with your skinny jeans, it would look absolutely fantastic! The same could be said for your dressier outfits; you wouldn’t have to worry too much about your outfit not looking stylish.


Another popular option for minimalist jewelry is the use of layered necklaces and rings. Layered necklaces are often designed using a number of different colors, or a single color (for example, silver, and gold), with the entire piece being made from a single piece of metal. These are incredibly versatile pieces and can be worn on their own or can be used as a finishing touch to an outfit. A stunning variation on the layered necklace is the use of layered rings, which is exactly what it sounds like – two rings joined together, with one being thinner than the other.


Another really neat aspect of minimalist jewelry is the use of stud earrings. A stud earring is simply a small piece of metal, usually diamond, which sits flush against the side of your ears. As you can imagine, they are extremely attractive and will really make your outfit look impressive. You will often find them combined with a smaller smaller-sized sapphire stud, which also enriches the look of the outfit. Another nice aspect of stud earrings is that they can really help to accentuate certain facial features, such as your cheekbones and possibly your eyes. If you have a particularly attractive feature that you would like to draw attention to, by adding a lovely pair of stud earrings, you will certainly help to accentuate it.