How to Maximize Space in a Small Minimalist Apartment

Living in a small minimalist apartment is not as hard as you think. Just by following a few simple guidelines, you will be well on your way to living the perfect minimalist life. The trick to this style of apartment living is to keep things organized and to keep things simple. By keeping things simple, you can achieve a minimalist look without sacrificing any of the functionality or utility of the items you place inside. Here are a few tips for creating the perfect little haven within your home:


A good place to start is with an organizer. Utilize empty bookshelves, file drawers, and other similar storage devices to save space. You can also create a system where you sort items by type (for instance, file and CD. Sort magazines and newspapers by size and color to save space and make the room more organized. When you have sorted and labeled your items, it is time to think about what you actually need and where to put them. This will help you stay on track as you sort through your items.


When decorating a small space, it is often difficult to find the right balance between too much and too little. In a small apartment, too much clutter takes away from the space while not enough space makes it hard to move around comfortably. To attain a balance that makes everything work, break your space down in smaller areas.


Use light colors. They are easier to maintain than dark ones and give the illusion of less cluttered spaces. However, if you find this too overwhelming or want something more subtle, choose a shade of gray or beige. Keep in mind that lighter shades generally reflect heat more easily and give off a cooler ambience. Darker colors tend to make a room warmer. If you feel that you and your roommates need more light, install lamps or overhead lighting.


Use mirrors to reflect light and prevent glare from hitting your mirrors. You can use wall hangings or photos to make your space look bigger. Consider adding an over-sized mirror that you can hide away when not needed. Otherwise, keep everything neat and tidy.


Maximize shelf space. Most apartments come with limited counter and floor space. Utilize this to your advantage. Use baskets, shelves, or small cabinets to keep cutlery, cups, napkins, spices, etc. organized.


Put pictures and prints upon the walls. A gallery type of mural can bring your whole apartment alive. Paintings and photos can give a colorful and unique touch to your apartment. Make sure they are things you like, though.


Consider purchasing a table cloth for each bed. In a small bedroom, a colorful tablecloth can give your room a whimsical, airy appearance. Otherwise, opt for solid white cloth or a simple tablecloth. Add some crocheted lace to the bottom of the tablecloth to enhance its versatility.


Hang curtains or blinds from the window. There’s nothing like a window shade to add a touch of elegance and style. Or, consider adding rugs over exposed floorboards for a more earthy effect.


Minimalists love to gather around a coffee table. Place cushions, teacups, and tea light candles around it. Or, use a small round coffee table as the centerpiece for a cluster of pillows. The table can be made from wood or glass and covered with a slipcover to match.


Use window coverings to hide unwanted clutter. This doesn’t mean your sofa should be covered with a tarp. Instead, place decorative pieces on shelves, boxes, and other surfaces in your room. This will free up space around the furniture. It will also make it easier for you to find items in your room, such as books, when you need them.


Give your storage space to the most useful people in your life. If you have a bedroom, place bed linen, towels, and other things in baskets and boxes. Use baskets and boxes throughout the entire room to organize clutter. Or, make use of empty, brown cardboard boxes throughout the space. By de-cluttering the room, you’ll be able to maximize the space you have to work within a small minimalist apartment.