How to Make Nails Look Minimalist

How to Make Nails Look Minimalist

How to Make Nails Look Minimalist

If you’re tired of looking at your manicure, trying to decide on which pedicure to get and which one isn’t quite up to par, maybe it is time for a Minimalist Nail Design. With a base coat in an almost-neutral color, adding only a couple of small dots around the edge of each nail creates pretty, unique nails. Experiment with the size of the dots to get the minimalist style that you love best. You can add some subtle color or even some glitter if you’d prefer. This look might be appropriate for spring or summer, but it’s also great for any season and any occasion!


Begin with a clean and smooth canvas. The canvas needs to be completely free of debris and nails should be completely smooth. A wet nail brush is the best tool for this. Then, with your fingernail, start carefully sanding your nail down to the nail shape. Use a soft, fine-grit sandpaper as a guideline to ensure evenly sanding. You can use a nail brush for more precisely sanding.


You can choose from hundreds of minimalist nail designs, or you can start from scratch and build your own collection of favorites. Either way, starting out with so many nail designs will be overwhelming. So, pick and stick to your favorites. If you feel like changing your nail designs from time to time, just use one basic style for now. You can always change back to your favorite minimalist nail designs when you have the time.


Once you’ve chosen your favorite minimalist nail designs, carefully line the nails up so that they form a perfect straight line. Then, using clear, colored nail polish, outline the nail with a darker color. This is done to draw attention to the nail shape, and also to help keep the white color from showing through.


After that, you need to pick the kind of polish you’d like to use. Glitter-free and/or matte polish will give you a neater, softer look. Semi-transparent and glittery polishes are harder to hide under make-up and are harder on your nails. They’re definitely worth considering if you plan on wearing your minimalist shoes and other accessories with a minimalist design. Just don’t go too bold with it, as that can get quite painful and cause bleeding. Here’s a nifty trick to help you highlight your minimalist nails without bleeding:


To create the kind of bold and noticeable nail design you’re after in your nails, mix up your basic manicure nails – white and light pink for a fun and bright look. Then use thin vertical strips of nail art for framing and adding dimension. Then do a top coat of jelly or mousse to hold everything in place and add some shine. You can use different kinds of embellishments and put different colors or even glitter on top. It’s really up to you!


Now for your base coat. You should be using the same kind of polish you were using for your manicure nails but instead of using a thicker or stiffer base coat, use a matte polish with a thinner consistency. This way, your nails will stay put for a much longer time and they won’t be brittle. You can also mix up your base coat with some edible polishes to give it a little something extra. Some edible polishes have a very pleasant scent and a sweet taste, which will make applying them a whole lot easier.


Last but not least, you need to pick your nail art. A great choice would be stickers with cute heart designs or words, since they’re fun and cute and also serve as great finger accessories. However, there are many other nail art that are very useful for a minimalist style, such as stickers of butterflies, stars, zodiac signs, flowers, hearts, and many more. The key is to find a nail art that makes you feel like you’re simply wearing a piece of art, and then compliment that art with a good polish job. The combination of a great polish and nail art will make your nails look great no matter what your style.