How to Maintain a Minimalist Living Room

How to Maintain a Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist living rooms are among the trendiest contemporary styles, which will surely bring chicness, simplicity and freshness to your comfortable stay at home. If you opt for decorating your living area in this fashionable style then surely you will have a great living space with positive vibes where you are able to charge up your batteries even while relaxing at home. The main elements of minimalist living room are wood, which gives the warmest feeling, marbled floors, white color walls and accessories, which remind you of cleanliness and hygienic nature. In order to bring freshness to your life, it is advisable to use only clean and healthy materials for your walls and other accessories. Here are some tips for you to create such environment at your place.

Color Choices It is important for you to choose only neutral colors for your walls and your furniture. However, if you like other colors in addition to minimalism, you can add a touch of bright colors as well. Bright colors such as red, orange, yellow and neon green are the most suitable choices for this type of decor. However, it is suggested to make sure that colors are not too harsh for your eyes as they tend to make eye fatigue.

Clutter is Always Avoidable Minimalism strongly discourages clutter in your room. Unlike other styles of decorating where clutter is expected to be an integral part of the theme, minimalism teaches you to minimize the clutter in your house to create a positive vibe. This is done by utilizing only a few items on your shelves and cabinets and by keeping them in small spaces instead of cluttered on the floor. Besides, it is better to use bright colors for your walls so that they will attract the attention of everyone inside the room. It is also advisable to use simple designs and textures instead of painting walls with bright color since it may cause deterioration of the wall.

Functional Items The first thing you need to do when you are setting up a minimalist living room is to remove any items that do not serve any purpose in your life. For instance, you should remove all the toys from your kids’ rooms as they are not serving any useful purpose at this stage. Do not forget to discard any electronic appliances, old furniture, and other home decor items. In fact, all these items should be kept in storage rooms or garage until you use them again. This will help you save money that you would have spent on their maintenance and repair.

Functional Pillows In minimalist living room, it is recommended to use a minimum number of pillows. A minimal number of pillows will not only make the room cozy but it will also enhance its spaciousness. By using a minimal number of pillows, you can prevent the accumulation of clutter-filled items.

Color Coordination Another key of a minimalist living room plan is to choose a color that does not agitate your eyes. It will make the room appear larger and cleaner. Neutral colors such as shades of brown, gray, beige, light blue and black can be used for their simplicity and beauty. As for the upholstery and the upholstered furniture items, always use neutral colors such as white, cream or any other pale colored fabric. Do not go for bold colors since they will overwhelm the space. Similarly, always use small, simple chairs instead of luxurious sofas in your home.

White Walls and Black Bedroom With minimalist living room furniture, it is important that you keep the walls painted in white. The color of the walls and bed are important because white represents cleanliness and transparency. Thus, you can add some contrast in your bedroom by painting it with a dark color. In minimalist interior design, black color is used to highlight the room’s minimalist design.

Black, White, and Dark Furniture Because the walls and the furniture are all white, you can use darker hues for your floor and the upholstery fabrics. You may use dark colored towels on your bed and for your bathroom. The wall colors should be monochromatic and the upholstery color palette should also be monochromatic. Thus, a monochromatic color palette such as gray, beige, brown, and dark blue would be best for your home. Other color palettes that may be used are yellow, red, pink, orange, and green.