How to Get Started With Your Own Minimalist Kitchen List

Some of the best minimalist kitchen items on the market are investments. They are investments in your sense of style and in the health of your family. By investing in high quality products that last a lifetime, and not by buying the cheaper option which might wear out far sooner, you really save money and time in the future. Some people are turned off by the thought of spending money, but there is nothing spontaneous or ‘mystery’ involved in minimalist cooking. It is about planning, preparation and being aware of what you are going to put into the dish you have chosen, for it to come out right.


The minimalist kitchen list focuses on functionality and quality of products as well as appearance. While it is possible to create attractive dishes using a large variety of cookware and appliances, without the quality that will make them last, you won’t enjoy them very long. When choosing cookware, the first thing to consider is whether the dishes will be used frequently enough to justify the purchase of more expensive, higher quality products. If they will only be used occasionally, then a small set of quality pots and pans, or a versatile set of thin cut cooking tools, will be adequate.


If they will be used frequently enough to warrant an investment, however, then you should be shopping within a budget so that it is cost effective to replace the utensils as they begin to show their age. This is another reason why some people choose to build a home kitchen instead of purchasing one or renting one each time they need to cook. Building a single unit will allow you to determine the best pots and pans for each specific use. You can also build your own oven if you desire. The minimalist kitchen list doesn’t recommend these for this purpose, but they do make great single-use appliances.


Next, we come to our basic grocery list, which many people define as the very foundation of a minimalist kitchen list. In this case, however, I think there are some pantry items that should be included. First, I would include the good brands of baking pans and baking sheets, which may not seem like essential items, but when you think about how often you actually bake, they can really come in handy! Another pantry item that is frequently used is the plastic container that holds ground beef or chicken. While it is not required, it can really save time by allowing you to pre-heat the meat or chicken in the refrigerator prior to placing it in the pan, which can greatly reduce your cooking time.


If you want to put off making another batch of potato chips, you can add up to three packages of ice cream or sorbet to your carton of potato chips. There are many dishes that can be made from frozen items, such as vegetable soups and purees. The only problem with these is that they take a long time to defrost once they are in the refrigerator, so you will have to plan ahead if you want to make many such dishes at once. Another good idea for many dishes is to use a nonstick tray for all ingredients and then place the food on this tray for a few minutes before proceeding to the next step. This can also help to prevent burning while you are mixing the other ingredients in the mixer.


Other items that should be considered part of a minimalist kitchen list are coffee mugs, plates, and cutlery. If you do not have a cutting board, there is no need to buy one as they can be purchased as individual serving tools. For example, you can purchase a plain stainless steel pan and a plastic drinking cup so that you have serving utensils without any utensils. A good idea is to get a silicone mat for the bottom of your pans and a paper cutting board for your cutting board. These are just a few suggestions that can help you create an effective storage and preparation area for foods and cookware.


To complete your kitchen list, it is important to consider some final touches such as a small pantry with a pantry shelf or two, a sink that has a spigot and a drain, and a garbage can. You might also consider buying a dishwasher, but these are items that are often overlooked when creating a minimalist pantry and cooking area. These leftovers are good for sandwiches, soups, and quick snacks and are much cheaper than purchasing pre-made foods from a grocery store or restaurant. Once you have made sure you have covered all the bases, then you can feel confident in your ability to create and enjoy a truly minimalist kitchen.


It does take some time to put together your own minimalist kitchen list, but once you have done it, you will be able to easily shop for the best products for the cheapest prices and prepare delicious and healthful meals. By shopping online for your baking supplies, you can find deals that will benefit you even further by offering free shipping. You will be able to buy products that are much cheaper than they are in retail stores and will not have to worry about purchasing more ingredients than you really need. This will save you time and money, which are important when you are trying to create a space that is both practical and stylish.