How to Decorate Minimalist Cakes

How to Decorate Minimalist Cakes

One of the most popular trends in weddings is the minimalist cake. It looks sleek and modern and leaves little room for errors. A white, two-tiered, almost blind cake with no decoration is perfect. It’s simple and elegant. You can use just about any color you like and many or most of the accessories are not essential. The cake will be served at a traditional white table, so it’s best to select a neutral cream color or one that matches the centerpieces and floral arrangements.

How to Decorate Minimalist Cakes


If you have your heart set on a black, slender, ultra-modern cake, a quick search on Instagram should yield some inspiration. Check out the beautiful black and white Instagram cakes that have been shared. The Instagram users include not only professional photographers, but amateur ones as well. They share their cakes in Instagram with the tags #decorating, #cake, #illustrated, #rustic, #truedit, and #organic. There are so many different types of minimalistic cakes using Instagram that you should be able to find inspiration anywhere.


But you don’t have to look far to find your inspiration. One place to look is at the pages of cookbooks that feature cake recipes that are more minimalist. If you have an idea for a more abstract minimalist cake design, you’ll probably find it in these books. A classic favorite that has both elegance and function is Swiss Chocolate by Linda Younger, which comes in a number of different versions.


Using social media to share your cake designs can also be a great way to get them noticed. Social media is a great place to get people to notice your cakes in a number of different ways. One is that you can use Instagram to share pictures of your minimalist cakes with the tags #decorating, #food, and #cake. Once you’ve finished baking and posting the pictures to Instagram, other people on the social media sites will see your photo and check out your cake recipe.


You can also use the tag #decorating to post a picture of your cake decorating. This will show off your unique style. Many online bakeries will have small advertisements for different cake decoration recipes for you to choose from. For example, there would be a tag for “vanilla” for a cake that contains vanilla extract, chocolate, and a little bit of orange-flavored ganache.


Another way to use social media for your minimalist cakes is to make a video of yourself baking a simple cake. You can use any type of camera. Then, you can upload the video to YouTube and include a description that includes the tags that I just mentioned. You can also put up a small link to your website and include a link to a page where you will sell your finished product. Then, simply embed the code into your video. Just be sure that you keep the link to your website as well because people might want to find out where you are selling your products.


Finally, another creative way to use Instagram to market your minimalist cakes is to add a simple crumb coat to your cake before you frost it. To do this, you will need to melt some butter, chop up some sugar, and mix the two together. Once you have everything mixed, pour over a small amount of sugar into the butter. You will then roll the mixture between your hands until the sugar completely coats the butter. When you have finished this step, you will want to remove the sugar coating from the pan and add the crumb coat around the exterior of the cake.


All of these tips can help you with your search for the perfect minimalist cakes for your event. There is something about frosting that makes events beautiful, but adding in a little more complexity can really make the experience more exciting. The key is to find something that you truly adore, like buttercream frosting for example. Once you have that taste you will never want to go back to traditional buttercream frosting.