How to Choose Minimalist Tattoo Wrist Designs

How to Choose Minimalist Tattoo Wrist Designs

A couple of years ago, getting a minimalist tattoo was a very big risk. Going tattooless was very hard to do because it is very difficult to find the right place that offers the right size, color, design and everything you need. But the trend has changed recently and now it’s easier than ever to get a trendy new tattoo without much hassle. There are now a lot more tattoo galleries online that offer a lot of great ideas for minimal tattoos. Here are a couple of tips on how to get a super minimalist tattoo.

A: You can absolutely get a fantastic looking minimalist tattoo by simply taking a couple of simple and cheap design concepts and adding just a couple of elements. Choose a cool minimalist style, add just a couple of colors here and there and in no time, your tattoo will look absolutely gorgeous. The greatest thing is that a lot of these designs are very easy to cover up, as well. For example, a black and gray design can be combined with other colors to make it pop or contrast better with the rest of your outfit. Just use your imagination and your creativity to get a truly unique tattoo that you will love to show off.

B: Avoid wrist tattoos that are boring and traditional. They are way over done. Try something innovative like a loop that goes around both wrists. This would definitely stand out and be awesome.

C: Look for different minimalist images and photos on the internet. Then, select two or three of them and combine them into a tattoo. Use the colors and other images to create a theme and then get a professional artist to ink it on you. You don’t have to settle for a Google image search; it takes a bit of extra time finding the best images and it’s usually not that detailed or colorful.

D: Take your selection process one step further by limiting it only to minimalist tattoo designs. Sure, you might want to sport a crazy, flashy band tattoo now and then. But why not just go for a simple butterfly, biker flower or some sort of tribal design instead? It’s not a necessity to go all out every time. In fact, doing this too often can actually be annoying and cause you to lose your inspiration (not to mention the various pains that come with tattooing). If you do this, you’re just making it a lot harder to focus on your work, which isn’t ideal when you’re trying to get a real unique tattoo that you will cherish forever.

E: Avoid using too many fonts on your wrist or arm. There is nothing worse than trying to read a font that looks completely different than what you’re used to. A minimalist tattoo should be clean and simple. Having too much artwork can clutter it up and make it harder to read for everyone except yourself.

F: For those looking to incorporate the concept of minimalism into their tattoo, choose minimalistic but still attractive images. Remember, you don’t have to have a flower with butterflies in it at all. There are many beautiful images that can be paired with minimalistic tattoo designs. The key here is to choose something that has a captivating color scheme. Don’t settle for a Google image search; chances are that there is an image that would look great on your arm.

G: Be sure to find local artists who are familiar with your type of art. While it is possible to go online and do a search for minimalist tattoos, it’s best to meet your artist in person. Find out what they are good at and let them know your goals for your new ink. Some local artists specialize in abstract and floral minimalist designs; others are known for their large, intricate images. It’s a good idea to research your local artists before committing to them.