How to Buy the Best Minimalist Bed Frame For Your Room?

How to Buy the Best Minimalist Bed Frame For Your Room?

Using my own expertise as a home decorator, I have chosen the most fashionable yet most minimalist bed frames around. I have researched the varying styles and materials. This is what I believe will work for you. Using my own expertise as a decorator, I chose the most stylish yet most minimalist bed frames around.

First of all, the simplest way to create the most minimalist look is to build the entire bed frame from one piece. This means, there is no longer a need to attach slats together as in traditional designs. With the use of screws, you can easily attach the slats together. Also, there is no need to worry about uneven spacing between the slats. Using screws, you can easily join the slats together. So, with this, you are able to save a lot of money.

Secondly, I have found that using just wood gives the best result. Using only wood makes it possible for you to achieve a simplistic look in your bedroom. Also, this allows you to control the entire appearance of your bedroom. When you want to decorate your bedroom, this would be the ideal way to do so.

Thirdly, a low profile platform bed is a great choice. It is also called a “slat-less” or a “zero-grain” platform bed. These types of beds have become very popular these days. They are built with two horizontal slats and one vertical slat, which make it more stable. Therefore, it can be used in any room of the house.

Fourthly, if you want to have a metal frame but not the traditional rectangular shape, the upholstered bed frames can work well. In fact, they are better than the metal frames as they do not look too boxy. They can be placed in any room and can blend with other items in the bedroom. This is because it is not at all gaudy. Instead, it looks sophisticated and elegant.

Fifthly, you can find a number of choices when it comes to wooden bed frames. You have the standard ones such as the oak, mahogany, teak and cherry that provide a very elegant look. However, there are other options such as the bamboo, wicker, maple and rosewood that provide a very durable and sturdy wooden platform. On the other hand, the bamboo slats are very soft and very light weight making it easier to move.

Sixthly, there are platform beds that are very simple yet sturdy beds. Usually, these beds have no headboards or no footboards. The frame and the mattress to rest on a single post that has the same height as the mattress. Such beds are very common in the studio apartments or in the houses with small rooms.

Lastly, there are some bed frame features that are simply not necessary. If you buy a frame without any extra features, then you will end up spending extra for other things. For instance, the under-bed storage is not necessary. It only provides you with an extra storage space that is not useful for your clothes and other items. As a result, you will have to spend extra for something that is useful.

Before buying, first you have to consider your bedroom size. Measure the size of your room to know how big your bed should be. You need to know the best minimalist beds to buy based on the size of your room. Remember that the standard sizes of beds are twin, full, queen, king and California King. If you have a smaller room, then go for the mini bed or the cots. If you have a large room, then you have to get the king and the super king beds.

After you have measured your room, now go online and browse for different kinds of beds. You can go to different stores or look for them online. Once you have found the best combination of beds, then go and compare the prices and features of the different kind of beds. Compare their price, color, design and quality. Remember, it is better to buy a traditional bed frame made of wood because wood is always durable and stylish.

To conclude, it is not that hard to find the right bed frame for your bedroom. All you have to do is follow these simple tips and you will end up with a nice bedroom. Don’t worry if you find the perfect bed at a cheap price, after all you will spend most of your time in your bedroom so it is better to get a good night sleep.

Having a minimalist bed frames will be really good because it does not require you to buy additional storage space. What it does is to give you more storage space that you need. You can hide your extra books, clothes and shoes without wasting space in your bedroom.