How Being Minimalist Has Benefit Me

How Being Minimalist Has Benefit Me

There are a lot of advantages to being minimalist. Minimalism has a lot to do with reducing clutter, being organized, and saving time. I believe that there are a lot of myths out there about being minimalistic. In this article I will discuss what being minimalist really means to me. Then you can decide for yourself if it’s for you.

The biggest benefit to minimalistism is that I get rid of stuff. I used to be a homebody that couldn’t live without a television, a microwave, and a washer and dryer. Now I barely have room to move around. Living in minimalism helps me get rid of the things that don’t add value to my life.

Another advantage to being a minimalizer is that I reduce clutter by using organized compartments and containers and throw away the rest. This keeps everything neat and organized and gives me more room to be creative. A key part of being minimalistic is to think of your possessions as neutral colors that need to be accented with accents and textures that add color and meaning. I find that organizing and color is usually the easiest way to achieve this. For example, I keep my desk in a neutral color such as brown and add touches of red or orange with some accent throw pillows or artwork on the walls.

A third advantage to being a minimalist is that it gives me more peace of mind. When I’m overwhelmed with the chaos that life throws at me, I feel stressed and out of control. The peace of mind that being a minimalizer allows me is a huge benefit to my mental state. It reduces my stress level and helps me focus on the important things in my life. The minimalism in my space also reduces the clutter that I am surrounded by and gives me a clearer focus on my work.

Some people might think that having too much clutter and an over abundance of things makes you a crazy person. This is not necessarily true. Just because I have too many things doesn’t mean that I am crazy. In fact, being a minimalist gives me a certain discipline that I can apply to my every day life and gives me a certain sense of purpose that I get from excess. Deciding to cut excess in half rather than completely eliminates clutter and gives me a clearer focus. These are all benefits I can reap from minimalist living.

Another thing that I get from minimalist living is that it becomes a more active lifestyle. Because I’m not surrounded by excess items and knickknacks, I am able to engage in a more active exercise routine. This not only saves space but also turns what would have been junk into something useful. I often times use my laptop as an activity and word documents into reading material. The combination of these two activities turns me into a walking work of art. I have found this alone to be a great benefit to my minimalist lifestyle.

A third benefit I get from being a minimalist is that I’m not as overwhelmed with what is important and what isn’t. Because of the lack of clutter, I am able to focus on the task at hand and get started on that quickly. I know that I have plenty of things to do so I don’t stress about whether or not I have to wear those matching pants or shirts next week. Wearing the right clothes gets me out of the habit of constantly thinking about what I am going to wear and how I am going to find them, which keeps me from procrastinating.

In conclusion, being a minimalist has given me many benefits. Not only do I have more space, I’m now able to exercise more due to the lack of clutter, and I have become a happier person because I know exactly what I am doing every time I get started. The time you spend getting organized will make you more productive and happier. I invite you to read more articles like this one if you want to learn more about decluttering and organizing your home. In my next article, I will talk about ways to get rid of clutter forever.