Design Tips For a Clean, Contemporary Living Room

Have you been thinking about redecorating your home but don’t know how to proceed with it because you feel like going minimalist in your house? Don’t worry, there are several tips that can help you turn your lifeless living room into an area that sparkles with life. Minimalists believe that a home should be a sanctuary from the cares of the world. It should be an escape where you can escape from the cares of the workaday life. You don’t need a lot of expensive furniture or objects to create this state of tranquility; all it needs is a bit of careful planning and some good color coordination.



To begin with, take stock of the furniture in your home. Get rid of everything that does not serve any purpose in your life anymore and keep only those essential items. Do you really need a coffee table with a glass top? No, probably not; therefore, keep the rest of the colors light gray or black and get rid of the bulky glass and metal objects.


A coffee table is an accessory that is often neglected in a minimalist living room decorating schemes. A coffee table is a solid and focal point in any living room. A vase can be a decorative flower vase, but it will also provide a place for your iced tea or coffee to cool off. The vase should be balanced, not too tall, and not too short, with enough room for all your add-ons like a bookcase or a collection of photos or magazines.


If you are using bare floors in your minimalist living room decorating scheme, put throw rugs over the bare furniture. The rugs will pull in the attention away from the furniture and will soften the area. If your small living room is decorated with dark colors like black and white walls, then you might want to use some art on the walls. Make sure it is not too bold, as it may overwhelm the space.


In this minimalist living room decorating scheme, the use of wall hangings is very limited. Wall hangings should be as minimal as possible, perhaps just a mirror with some art on it. A large floor rug is another option for this type of decor. You can use either a white rug or a neutral green rug to accent the Greenery that is featured in the space.


Another rule in the minimalist room decorating scheme is that texture should be a first choice. There should be as much texture in the room as there is color. The textures can be as simple as a piece of fabric or as complex as hand-sewn area rugs. If the minimalist living room is painted a neutral color like cream or off-white, then the textured items can add depth to the room. Use a contrasting texture, like a dark emerald green rug, to bring some contrast to the painting and to the area rug.


A final touch to create the minimalist living room decorating is to keep clutter to a minimum. Minimalists do not believe in much clutter and often prefer to choose an understated, uncluttered style of furniture and decor. The purpose behind having little clutter is so you can focus on the visual elements of your space and let other design characteristics speak for themselves. So if all the clutter on the floor is not adding any visual depth or dimension, then you don’t need it. Just remove it!


These are some tips to getting started in the minimalist style. A good way to start is by choosing a palette that appeals to you and finding pieces of furniture and decor that will harmonize with it. You may even want to choose a color scheme that you love so you will be more likely to stick with it. With a little bit of planning and forward thinking, you will be well on your way to creating a clean, minimalist living room that you love. Clean lines and bright colors will give your room that sharp contemporary look.