Decorating Your Christmas Tree With A Minimalist Approach

Decorating Your Christmas Tree With A Minimalist Approach

Yes, growing up, family always had an artificial Christmas tree. And as that all important childhood memory always wondered why people cut down such a perfectly good, healthy, and vibrant spruce tree just to decorate, just to throw away to the trash with the rest of useless Christmas past. Well, if you are among the many who grew up with an artificial Christmas tree, then you too are probably pretty sentimental about it, and the reason is – for decoration purposes. But do you remember the reason behind the act of cutting down the tree? That was for decoration! So don’t feel bad if you had an artificial tree growing up.

You see, there is no need for a full blown, over the top, jolly, messy, bulky Christmas tree any longer. Since most families nowadays have very small apartments or condos, decorations need to be kept to a minimum, and so the old fashioned huge Christmas trees made famous by those decades ago need to be left in the junk yard, or better yet, put in the garage or shed. Not only is the weight and bulk too much, but now days, mini Christmas trees are just perfect for those tiny spaces! Miniaturization has revolutionized the industry and the art of making Christmas decorations, and the new minimalist Christmas tree is the result. It might not look as appealing as the real thing, but it sure is more cost effective than the real ones, and you can use it year round without any fear of burning up the whole house.

But what exactly is minimalistism and minimalism? Basically, these terms refer to two opposite ends of the spectrum. On one end, there is minimalism, which consists of pure simplicity, and on the other end, maximalism, which consists of maximal decoration, in every possible way. In essence, this type of decoration is about ornamentation without any underlying thought or sentiment. This type of decoration can make an otherwise plain holiday celebration, into an event with extra zing and beauty. There are many diy christmas tree decorations that would fit into the minimalism category, but here are some that would fit perfectly into the maximalism category.

The first thing you need to do, when looking for a cheap and easy decoration, is to buy a couple of ornaments that hang from strings or hooks. You can glue these onto the branches of your tree with tape, and then string them together to form a beautiful ornamentation. Or you can even decorate your tree by placing small fake branches on top of the larger fake branches. If you are on a tight budget, or simply want to try something different, you can also save money by making your own ornaments, by purchasing them at your local craft store, or by making them yourself.

Another great idea to add more meaning to your Christmas tree is to decorate it with artificial ornaments. Many people who are not familiar with decorating ornaments, find that buying a variety of real ornaments and then attaching them to their tree, gives their tree a much more “active” look. This could also be accomplished by painting the wires or string that hold the ornaments in place on the branches.

Flocked trees have little ornaments dangling from each branch. These ornaments can be made from anything, from plastic toys to fabric or even real flowers. You can use these flocked trees in almost any type of decorating scheme. They look great next to actual lights, they look great hanging from a door knob, or they can stand alone as an elegant accent to your Christmas tree. If you decide to decorate your tree with flocked trees, remember that you should only glue or string the ornaments onto the branches of the tree, never the wires, because the glue will seep out and damage the branches.

Minimalists believe that Christmas trees should be enjoyed, not just displayed. So they take little bit of time and effort in planning their layouts and styles. While some might consider this too much work, it is actually a very rewarding process. Your friends and family will enjoy spending time with you even more if you have a beautiful minimal Christmas tree, full of beautiful ornaments, baubles, and other decorative items.

Decorating your Christmas tree doesn’t have to be a major project; in fact, most people can do it without any tools except for a clean floor. However, some people might want to have some extra decoration during the holidays. One easy way to add a little bit of extra dazzle to your tree is by using faux Christmas trees. You can find faux Christmas trees at most craft stores and even department stores during the holidays. You might also consider using rosemary trees, which are perfect for sprucing up your backyard for the holidays.