Decorating A Minimalist Studio Apartment

Decorating A Minimalist Studio Apartment

Before we begin, it is important to note that all the Minimalist decoration tips are applicable for any kind of apartment. So if you have a studio apartment, it’s just like decorating an ordinary home. You can apply the same decor tips and have a truly relaxing time while decorating your apartment. Here are some quick and easy Minimalist decoration tips for your studio apartment:


*Dining Room – This is the place where you will entertain your guests. This is where you dine with friends and family members on special occasions. The dining room should be decorated in a way that it complements its surrounding environment. For example, the walls of the dining room must be kept in a neutral color so that it does not look out of place. In order to add contrast, the colors on the table and the fabric on the chairs should be contrasting elements. A dark dining room chair with a light fabric on the wall is a good example of a contrasting element.


*Furrowing Chair – This is another great addition to a minimalist apartment. It can easily complement the walls and the table with its soft, warm color. This kind of furniture is a great solution if you do not want to buy new furniture but just need to spruce up a bit the appearance of your living room.


*Dining Room – This is the place for you to eat. If it is spacious enough, you can add a small dining table in your apartment which is made of wood or metal. You can also add interesting wall art to enhance the atmosphere of your living room. There are many ways to create a contemporary atmosphere for your dining room such as using bold colors, adding interesting textures like mosaics, painting the walls in neutral hues and using contrasting element such as mirrored furniture.


*Artwork and Storage Furniture – Since your studio apartment is small in size, you may find it hard to fill it with furniture. So, you may consider adding storage furniture to organize your things and to provide extra space for guests. Artwork is a good choice for this purpose. Another option is to use sculptures, paintings or other forms of art that can help add color and life to the elements of your apartment. To add more color and life to your living room, you can also consider hanging modern light fixtures that add dimension to your design.


*Books and Accessories – Since you have limited space for furniture, you can utilize the space behind your sofa by placing bookshelves, books and DVD/VCD players. You can also put storage furniture and bookshelves above your sofa. In this way, you will be able to free up the floor space behind your sofa and make maximum use of your balcony. Besides, you can also consider placing some magazines, newspapers or tea lights on the coffee tables to maximize the light aspect of your minimalist studio apartment design.


*Breathing Furniture – This kind of furniture provides a warm and comforting environment to its users. It is also very useful if you want to relax. If you opt to put some lounge chairs or sofa in your living room, it would be best if you choose some durable and reliable pieces which will last for a long time even if you place them in a very open and spacious area such as your balcony. However, before going out to look for lounge chairs and sofa sets, it is important for you to determine first the size and shape of your lounge area. You should also decide whether you want to go with a more traditional minimalist design or a more modern and contemporary one.