Choosing the Best Bed For Your Home Decor

Choosing the Best Bed For Your Home Decor

When you first hear about the term “minimalist bed” it may sound like a phrase from a 1970s science fiction movie where all your furniture would be made out of nothing but the most basic elements. But such an idea is sadly dead and gone. These days, a minimalist bedroom layout is quite the opposite of a minimalist movie. In fact, the very concept of “minimalism” is highly desirable.

The reason why the minimalist bedroom is a bad idea for some people is because it doesn’t allow them to be creative with their space. Minimalist bedroom style focuses more on what you are able to eliminate rather than add, therefore it s always the careful editing of your chosen belongings to get rid of the extra and keep only the essentials that are actually useful or mean anything to you, ideally both. This kind of bedroom is a cage for the uninspiring. It might make for a bland, but practical bedroom, but in reality that’s not necessarily better.

One reason why many people hate minimalist beds is because they don’t have enough storage space. This is not true! It is not necessary to buy a new wardrobe just to store those extra bedroom items. What’s more important than storage space however, is making sure that you find the right bed frame to accommodate all of those unnecessary items. Remember, if you’re trying to live like a minimalist these extra bits and pieces of furniture should not visually detract from the clean, minimalist look that you’re striving for. In other words, don’t hide the clothes in the corner.

A good way to solve this problem is to use a single piece of furniture to take away. For instance, you can buy a dresser that stands tall and takes up the entire wall. Or, if you are working on the idea of purchasing a new bed frame, you could take away a classic oak dresser and replace it with a metal or glass dresser. Using a single piece of furniture to take away from the rest of the room will not only add interest and character to your room, but also add functionality.

Another thing that you can do is make use of a platform bed. Platform beds are basically a platform frame with a mattress sitting atop the frame. Platform beds were especially popular in the 60’s, but modern platform beds are very sleek and streamlined. Since the bed is the center of focus in a room, using a platform bed allows you to free up floor space and make the room appear more spacious. Unfortunately, these beds typically only have two large areas where you can put your feet up, which means that even though your platform bed gives your room character and personality, there is still a limited amount of storage space available.

A third option that you may want to consider is to purchase a platform bed that doesn’t have a traditional box spring or mattress. These beds have no springs at all and are composed of a sturdy metal frame with either fabric or leather as the covering. Since the mattress is on the outside of the frame, you don’t have to worry about pesky pests getting into your bed by making it heavy. The materials used to make these frames make them very durable. However, if you are someone who has asthma or allergies, you may want to avoid these beds. They can be made out of hard wood, but it would be best to avoid these types of beds if you are someone who suffers from allergies or asthma.

If you would rather skip the platform bed altogether, you can choose to go with a simple platform frame. If you don’t like the look of a standard platform bed, you can always choose to go with an abstract or non-traditional design. This can work very well if you don’t care about having a lot of options when choosing your bedroom furniture. Just be sure to remember that some designs can be very decorative and elegant, but they still can’t compare to the look of platform beds. If you want something that can be as decorative and elegant as your favorite piece of furniture, go with a platform bed.

Since a platform bed is essentially just a bed with a platform, you won’t have to worry about finding storage for your beddings. A typical platform bed has a large mattress that is covered in something that is durable enough to hold beddings. However, there are some platform beds that use more organic or sustainable materials in their construction. These types of beds typically use wood in the frame and use metal legs for the support. These types of beds are not only more affordable than traditional wooden beds, but they are also stronger than most traditional wooden beds as well.