Choosing a Minimalist Shelf

Choosing a Minimalist Shelf

Looking for a minimalist shelf to complement an eclectic bedroom? The trick is knowing what to look for when choosing a shelf. A shelf that doesn’t clutter the room or get in the way is the goal. Look for shelf systems that stack well, have stability built into their design, support accessories like a mirror frames, and have interesting texture like wood or wicker. Some of the modern materials that are making shelves that are minimalist stylish include tempered glass, aluminum, laminated wood, clear acrylic, and pressed wood. Here are some tips to make choosing the perfect minimalist shelf quick and easy.

What to Look For When Choosing a Minimalist Shelf If you want a truly minimalist design, make sure that your selection fits in with the rest of your minimalist furniture store. Clean lines are very sleek and modern. Look for shelf systems that look sturdy, but not heavy or unwieldy. A shelf that is wide, long, and slender will work best. You can even incorporate some of these same qualities into your floor plan by putting a beautiful wooden bookcase next to a bed. If your bedroom or living room is larger, consider adding a long, skinny bookcase across from your sofa.

What to Consider When Choosing a Minimalist Shelves If you choose a really basic style, you’ll find that there are many styles and designs out there to choose from. A few examples of a very popular minimalist type include pine, bamboo, and iron. Each material has its own unique look that lends itself to more or less minimalist shelving. Iron, for instance, has a rustic feel while bamboo is exotic and a bit fragile looking. Consider your personal taste when choosing your material. Also, keep in mind the environment you live in and how much maintenance a particular material may need.

Functionality Does it Make Sense? Before you choose your shelves, think about what they will be used for. If you’re looking for a place to store items and have no desire for a stylish design, then a minimalist unit may be right for you. If you love the look of marble, then a shelf made of marble may be the best bet for you. The most important factor when choosing a shelf though is that it’s functional and aesthetically pleasing for your space.

Material Types and Colors Are You Ready For a Change? Many people opt for shelves made entirely out of one material. But, is that really practical for your space? You might only be using it as a accent piece and it wouldn’t make sense to purchase one made out of a material that’s going to get damaged very quickly. You should also think about color when choosing a minimalist shelf.

Metal is the standard material for shelving. It’s durable and is available in many different sizes and colors. If you like the metal trim on your favorite chairs and tables, then this would be a great material to consider. If you have stainless steel appliances and metal appliances, then this material is perfect for your shelves. Just be sure that it’s able to withstand high humidity levels and doesn’t rust easily.

Wood is another option. It’s quite classy and can be accented with metal trim or decorative elements. In order to keep your wood shelves from getting scratched up all the time, make sure they’re covered with a durable protection film. You can cover your entire shelf with a vinyl protectant if you want to but make sure you don’t cover the exposed wood underneath.

These are just a few tips to help you find the perfect minimalist shelf for your space. There are many more materials out there. I highly suggest looking into some of them. They are all inexpensive and can add a lot of character to your home. Don’t buy just because it’s cute, think about what you’ll be using it for before you choose.