Best Minimalist Sofas That Find Substance in Simplicity

Best Minimalist Sofas That Find Substance in Simplicity

A sofa is no longer just a thing to sit on, it has also become more of an extension of your home. There are a few key elements that you will want to consider if you’re looking for a modern minimalist sofa. Some of these include proportion, texture, and the natural materials such as marble and metals, particularly if you are designing your own.

Are you looking for modern minimalist sofas? Here’s how the experts gave us their top recommendations and advice on what to look out for.

Best Modern Minimalist Sofas

Think simpler with minimal-friendly trends such as smaller shapes and unique textures. Consider soft, flowing shapes for a luxurious look, then pair them with a few small pillows.

Colours & Patterns

Look at the pattern, fabric and the shapes. If you love colour and the idea of putting your sofa on a patterned fabric and mixing in a pop of colour or pattern for another area of your home, it could be a great idea, but you will have to commit to keeping that pattern for a year or two.

Bold patterns and bright colours can add drama to the space, but make sure you choose a colour scheme you can all live with. A neutral colour scheme will allow you to experiment with pattern, colour, shape and texture. Colours that can be mixed and matched to create different looks in the home.


When it comes to the nature of the material, leather is not for everyone. It’s always in the natural state, and it shouldn’t feel uncomfortable in your home, either. Likewise, it is also important to consider your decorating scheme before committing to a leather option, because if you go with a leather sofa you may need to find other solutions for the place where you have it, as the rug may be more appropriate.


Consider the minimalism you want, then picture a couch. If it’s small and thin, then your only option may be to get a foldable sofa and a platform for a mattress. But if your goal is more of an island couch or oversized couch, you can get both if you get something with storage on it.

It is also important to think about the silhouette of the sofa as a whole. Choose something that is proportionate, not too skinny or too wide, and avoid any lumpiness that will distract from the sofa’s stunning style.


Look for solid materials that can stand the test of time – if you are going to be putting this in the same position for a decade, it really should be solid enough to withstand any accidents!

There’s a difference between a couch that’ll get bumped around a little in the living room and one that’ll withstand occasional slamming around on the hardwood floors of your apartment. A couch that can take your pounding is one you’ll want to buy over one that looks great in the store but falls apart in the hands of your kids.

The same goes for mattresses. For a really heavy one, get something that will last. The same holds true for sofas. The last thing you want is for the kids to throw it out the window one day.


When it comes to the minimalist lifestyle, you may want to consider buying a sofa with a look that isn’t the most exciting. If that’s the case, consider taking a page out of the dining room playbook and consider buying a plain sofa that you’ll enjoy looking at and won’t mind having in your living room for years.


In terms of sofa options, look for something that you can sit in – not just something to sit on, although that is still essential – but also something that you can see in both formal and casual settings.

While not all sofas are alike, you’ll want to think about this before you buy something. If you get something that’s too soft, you may not be able to get the right shape and size of pillow to get the best sleep. For a more expensive couch, you might not get the durability that you’re looking for in a less expensive version. Instead of spending a ton of money on a couch, buy a sofa that you know will be worth it.

Whilst modern minimalism has taken over the industry, that doesn’t mean you can’t embrace some traditional design. If you have traditional sofas, that’s great. Even if it’s a well-loved one, keep it and save it. Give it a lick of paint or maybe even a reupholstering, but otherwise don’t get rid of it. Don’t be afraid to invest in great furniture. Remember you can always exchange things like dining tables, sofas, chairs and love seats.