Before Decorating Minimalism

The cozy minimalist decorating style can be very appealing to most people. By utilizing items that you already own you can make your house feel more comfortable, while at the same time using very few items which you may already have. You can still have a very modern appearance by using only very few items, while at the same time keeping the space open and fresh. In fact, this recently emerging style does not necessarily require you to completely eliminate all old items; you can simply mix and match some of your existing furnishings with the newer pieces that you buy. You can easily accomplish this by finding a home that is decorated in such a way.



In this article I want to share some examples of how a minimalist living room can be decorated. To achieve the look of minimalism, you should start with a clean slate, without any clutter or excess knick-knacks. This means no curios and no mementos of any kind. Some people like to place an elegant vase filled with seasonal flowers on their coffee table, but this is a bit much, especially if you have a wicker or rattan dining table in which these objects are often placed. Instead, take the opportunity to dust off the entire furniture, and then repaint any which has become discolored or worn. By doing this you can keep the minimalist look, while at the same time keeping your living room bright and inviting.


The colors you use in your environment have a profound effect on how you feel, both emotionally and physically. When using the cozy minimalist decorating style, be sure that your color palette is composed of only the freshest and brightest items that have not been heavily used. Colors such as red, green, and blue should be kept to a minimum, and only when they are absolutely necessary. This will help you keep the color scheme on track and will help you avoid having outdated and tacky color combinations.


You should be aware that many minimalist style homes are actually made up of a combination of various textures. For instance, a true minimalist style home might consist of a sofa with rounded legs and an Ottoman that easily bounce back and forth. However, many of the homes I design feature a mixture of different textured materials, such as leather, suede, wicker, and various kinds of fabrics. If you find your decorating needs depending on the type of material that is used in the different rooms, choose neutral colors that will blend well with the textured furnishings.


Another thing that is vital for your minimalist style home is that it should be free of clutter! Many people clutter their minimalist bedrooms and living rooms because they have no clue what to do with all of the stuff that is piling up on top of the furniture. I have seen far too many people who try to wave it off by saying, “All these are my favorite things” or “I don’t need this” when it comes to organizing their belongings. Remember, it is the clutter that makes the clutter look bad. And the longer that stuff hangs out, the more it will look dirty. Please do not add to the clutter by storing it in places where it will be in view of others!


Another key aspect of the cozy minimalist decorating style is that it can work with any home decorating scheme. You do not have to go with the classic brown and cream colors. You do not have to use a lot of red and green. You do not even have to have white walls or doors. In fact, you can live in a minimalist master bedroom with white walls and open doors – just as long as everything else in the room is black!


The key element of the cozy minimalist decorating style is that it is functional, yet elegant, and stylish at the same time. It uses natural elements and minimalistic design, yet it is not cluttered, spongy, or uninteresting. This is a great way to make use of what you already have in your home and make it work with your current decorating theme and color scheme. If you use the basic design elements such as black, browns, and cream, then you can get away with putting in a few more color splashes here and there to enhance the look and feel of the room.


All in all, the cozy minimalist rooms Before decorating theme is a perfect place to start when you are looking for a way to bring in more natural elements in the home. You do not have to completely gut your home in order to accomplish minimalism. All you need is some good old-fashioned bold contrasting paint and some new furniture that coordinate well with the rest of the home. Then, by using a few different accessories, fabrics, and wall colors, you will have a unique minimalist decor that everyone will love!