A Simple and Minimalist Approach to Finding Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

A Simple and Minimalist Approach to Finding Minimalist Christmas Decorating Ideas

So, that felt like the right time for some great inspiration on some very unique and delightful minimalist Christmas decor! There’s something so comforting about this special time of year. Each year we buy or make one new Christmas ornament to add to the tree, celebrating another wonderful year with our friends and family. The stress of finances can easily take over in the holidays when all you want to do is relax with friends and family. But why not add a little zest to your home and family by having some minimalistic decorating?

I don’t know how many times I’ve heard people complain about not enough lights on the trees. We really need to make sure that all the ornaments on our trees are working properly. If they’re not then the whole point of having them is lost. On the other hand, if we have good minimalist christmas decor, the ornaments will be so impressive, and our lights won’t even be required!

So here’s what I recommend as the basis for your minimalist Christmas decor. Get hold of some ribbon and glitter for stringing along the edges of your windowsills. Buy some real leaves and branches from your local supermarket, maybe an artificial Christmas tree that you could paint with white and silver ornaments. These decorations will look fabulous hanging from the doorsteps or from the railings.

Use a couple of different shades of green for your Christmas bulbs. Look for something reasonably priced but colorful. The idea with minimalism is to make everything uniform. You don’t have to follow the “tradition” of using white bulbs but it really helps things look more like they belong together in your home. That’s one of the charms of minimalism in decorating – it unifies.

For your cozy little minimalist christmas decorating ideas, you might want to go with something that ties in with the theme – maybe some cozy looking velvet fabric draped around the windowsills, or a beautiful bunch of poinsettias pinned on the table as centerpiece decorations. A wreath or garland of poinsettias would look gorgeous hung from the ceiling, and tied to the wall. For Christmas tree decorations, a softly scented wreath can be put into a big vase filled with greenery. This is an excellent way of adding seasonal smells to your home without overpowering it.

Here’s a real “minimalist” idea for your minimalist Christmas decorating ideas: hang all your ornaments from a single chain. Use ribbon to hang the ornaments from the chain, and then use twine to hang the ornaments onto the chain. The result will be an ornaments hanger that hangs heavy, but still has room for a few little bows. These are ideal to hang on the Christmas tree – imagine all those tiny ornaments sliding down the tree and into the bottom of the stockings.

For a truly minimalist christmas decorating idea, you could choose to fill your home with only greenery. Candles and oil lamps make a lovely ambient, and you can create a unique atmosphere by choosing candles that feel like firecrackers (the smaller ones are easy to pack away). Incense adds a warm, subtle scent, and you can even find commercially made potpourri that you can spray directly onto the windowsill. Fill your home with this inviting scent, and you will immediately feel like it has been decorated with greenery. Of course, there are many other greenery options as well – you can create a truly tranquil atmosphere by filling your house with lush green grasses or by hanging baskets of ferns and plants on the trees.

With these ideas in mind, you can create a holiday that is both warm and comforting while also being simplistic and enjoyable. You might not think that you have very many options when it comes to finding the right kind of holiday decorations, but you will be surprised at just how many there actually are. If you are looking to decorate without using a lot of commercial products, then you will certainly want to keep these above the line. You can use candles, plant ornaments, and greenery as part of your minimalistic approach. You might even try some of these ideas in reverse – find some contemporary holiday decorations, add some minimal holiday decorations, and then add some more contemporary ones for a really eclectic touch.