A Modern Kitchen Design With Minimalism

A Modern Kitchen Design With Minimalism

Minimalism has become increasingly popular in kitchens over the past few years. Gone are the days of black and white kitchen units and black and orange appliances. The only elements that remain are white and chrome tiles. Although it requires far less space to implement a minimalist style, this does not mean that there is no elegance involved with implementing this design style.

A Modern Kitchen Design With Minimalism


White is possibly the oldest color trend to appear in minimalist kitchen designs, but darker hues can work as well. Incorporating natural materials such as granite into your kitchen can be a great way to add subtle elegance. Incorporating natural appliances into a minimalist kitchen designs is also a very effective design strategy for small kitchens.


Another tip when working with a small kitchen space is to choose solid colors over accents. Although this may minimize the available color palette choices, it may also limit the amount of color options available to you. When trying to decide on a color palette, choose a complimentary color from your existing color palette. If your appliances are all in the same neutral color family, you can use any colors in that family to make your backsplash or cabinets pop. If you opt for a more diverse color palette, however, you should keep your colors very light and simple.


A final tip to use when implementing modern minimalist kitchen designs is to keep your counters as clean as possible. Cleaning your counters helps to keep the grime and dirt from accumulating which can look so amateur. Maintaining your counter tops and appliances will help you achieve a sleek, elegant look that will leave people wanting more.


Granite is the number one choice for countertops. Although marble has its own charm, there are some downsides to using marble in your minimalist kitchen designs. Marble is susceptible to scratching. If your countertop is made from granite, be sure to apply a thin coat of sealer between the granite and whatever wood you are using to build your cabinets. This will protect your counters and prevent any staining that granite can potentially cause.


Natural wood cabinetry is another popular option when implementing minimalist kitchen designs. If you are limited on a budget, natural wood cabinets are a great alternative to stainless steel. Natural wood cabinetry allows you to choose whichever type of natural wood you prefer. For example, you can use birch, maple, oak, cherry or walnut for your kitchen cabinets. These materials have rich tones that can be used to create a unique yet clean and elegant look. Plus, if you opt for a natural wood cabinetry design, you will be able to obtain it at a fraction of the cost of the professionally made products.


Black cabinets are also popular in minimalist kitchen designs. If you opt for black cabinets, be sure to choose a simple design that will go well with your overall minimalist theme. This way, you can achieve balance and still have the functionality that you need. Some examples of black cabinets are black cabinetry made from antique pine, black cabinetry made from reclaimed oak, and black cabinets that are made from natural wood floors.


Finally, you will want to keep your kitchen clutter-free. Achieving minimalism does not mean having no room for storage. To achieve the clutter-free style, be sure to use cabinets that are sleek and simple. Examples of minimalistic cabinets include black cabinets, metal storage boxes, and wire storage racks.


Another tip when it comes to minimalist kitchens is choosing a neutral color palette. The neutral color palette allows you to choose the exact shade of your choice without any complications. For example, if you are using maple, you can use maple veneers on doors and walls. Neutral colors will also allow you to achieve an endless array of textures, hues, and patterns. Examples of neutral colors include white, beige, and black.


It is important to remember that minimalism is about clean lines. To get clean lines, choose light fixtures and appliances that have simple arm designs. Additionally, keep in mind that as you lean toward the minimalist style, you should add a little more detailing to your kitchen.


To give your kitchen the modern edge that you are after, consider the addition of a few bright accent colors. Bright colors can instantly add a contemporary vibe to your modern kitchen design. Consider adding pops of color like oranges, reds, or yellow to give your kitchen the bolder, brighter appeal that you are looking for. By combining modern elements with minimalist kitchen designs, you will be able to create a modern home that will have functionality and style all rolled into one.