A Minimalist Womens Wallet

A Minimalist Womens Wallet

A minimalist womens wallet is a must have for any woman’s purse. It is light weight and made of the finest materials that are available. It has no extra material and stays compact to keep your items secure and together. The wallet is made of high quality plastic or rubber. You can choose from black, brown and green and sometimes you get to get one in a color that you cannot find anywhere else.

A lot of these wallets have a nice little pocket inside which is great for keeping small items handy. There is a slit on the front of the compartment which opens out to reveal a clear plastic bank card holder, credit card holder and a hole for a coin purse. The rose gold metal zipper is a nice touch and can be personalized with a name or a monogram. The card and bank are secured by the plastic insert which holds them in place.

The card slots are located on the top of the wallet measures about eight inches by six inches and the width is about the same as a credit card. The wallet also has an outside pocket which can hold the coins or cards which need to be carried around. The front flap has a flap which can be opened and closed to reveal the wallet and the rose gold metal zipper. There is a zipper on the left hand side which can be closed to reveal a nylon or cotton insert which holds the bills and coins securely.

There is a flap which can be opened easily to reveal a zipper going down the inside of the flap. This zippers right up to the bottom of the wallet which holds the money and cards. This one zippered pocket is large enough to hold a checkbook along with the original check card. There is also room for two other smaller items such as a key and a coin purse. The card holder has room for at least four cards and sometimes six.

There is also a top flap which opens down to reveal a large enough main compartment for the wallet. This is one big wallet with plenty of room for all of your items and a great deal of room for you bills too. There is one outside zippered pocket and another inside zippered pocket. You can find these wallets in a variety of colors which include black, blue, green, ivory, pink, red and more. The main colors available include black, blue, brown, burgundy, charcoal, gray, yellow and a lovely red.

The outside of this wallet features many different styles of lines and colors. There is a classic black and orange combination which is one of the most popular. There is also a deep purple which contrasts well with the orange. There are also many different patterns including stripes, polka dots and other styles. All of these different colors and patterns work together to make a very attractive and unique one.

The inside of this wallet features a front flap which allows you to easily access all of the functions of the wallet without having to remove your hands. This includes putting your money and cards inside, zippered interior pages which are great for writing things, a cash box which is spacious and has two separate compartments one for smaller bills and one for larger ones, and a single exterior zippered pocket. In addition to all of these features this wallet also includes a front flap which covers the bill pay section, and has one outside zippered pocket which you can use to hold your ID or coins.

The overall size of a minimalist womens wallet is between eight and ten inches long and between two and three inches wide. Most have no more than nine major credit cards and about fifty bucks in cash. They are made from a soft leather material which gives them a sense of style yet feel very durable at the same time. Some have large illuminated front pockets where you can put large bills and coins, while others have small clear plastic windows that will show you the current amount of money inside. A great feature of many of these wallets is that they have a transparent front flap which will show you if there are any cards or money inside before you take them out.