A Minimalist Apartment Checklist

So what exactly is a minimalist apartment? A minimalist apartment protects and celebrates only what you value and love. Although there are certain physical characteristics that all minimalist apartments share, really there is no single definitive set of decorating rules that all minimalists should follow. Just like there’s no single definition of “vanity,” there’s also no single description of a minimalist interior design. Rather than attempt to define these concepts in terms of what they’re not, we’ll simply refer to them as minimalist designs.


One of the most important things that a minimalist apartment checklist will include is a list of what’s “not” included in this style of interior design. The bare minimum is the bare essentials: a desk, a single chair, and enough storage for your belongings. Anything else is considered indulgent, and is not part of the minimalist vision. In some cases, clutter may be embraced; for instance, by using a desk instead of a traditional chair (perhaps on a side table or in a corner), you are adding an extra piece of furniture that doesn’t take up additional room.


On the other hand, you can’t expect to live in a minimalist apartment without any clutter at all. When you’re first moving into one of these spaces, it’s easy to add an abundance of everything to make you feel like you have an almost infinite wealth. As time passes, however, you will likely remove some of that clutter, especially as your life becomes busier. At that point, it’s important to remember that clutter is part of any interior design; it adds dimension and purpose to your space, but it can also be a distraction. Your minimalist apartment checklist should remind you to stay away from adding too much clutter.


Probably the biggest item on a minimalist apartment checklist is the dining room or living room furniture. No matter what the size of your space, you will probably want to keep at least one dining room set, and possibly more. Depending upon how many people you typically entertain, this might be something that you can do yourself. Otherwise, hiring a professional decorator might be the best option.


Living room furniture items should be kept to a minimum, if possible. This includes couches, sofas, chairs, and end tables. One of the key benefits of a minimalist apartment is that you don’t have to buy too much to establish order and cohesiveness within your space. By eliminating the distractions of furniture items, you can focus on the colors and textures that are already there, which in turn will create the mood that you want. Of course, in most cases, you already know what you want.


Closet racks should also be kept to a minimum, even though they are sometimes necessary. Because you won’t be sharing your apartment with any other roommates, you can save money by simply storing your own personal belongings in the closet instead of renting a storage unit. If you have a large amount of books or artwork that you rarely use, it might be okay to rent a storage unit for the winter months, when your living room is vacant. If not, a simple closet rack will do the trick and keep your things out of the way. If you live alone, you will likely want to remove the clutter from your closet, so here is where your minimalist checklist comes into play.


Dining room furniture, including tables and chairs, should be kept to a minimum, as well. The dining table will be the biggest accessory that you will want to purchase, so it should be the focal point of the apartment. Neutral-colored wooden or metal tables can go with almost any decor, so keep your options open. You can pick out small accent tables to define the clean lines of the dining room, or you can opt for larger, stand-alone chairs in any color to pull the space together.


Living room accessories are often a key component of the apartment or small house, and these should be chosen with care. For example, it is perfectly acceptable to use a tiny metal birdbath to store your spring collection of leaves. It is also acceptable to hide your clutter behind some natural light-emitting drapes. These minimalists have got it!