5 Essential Accessories For a Minimalist Nursery

5 Essential Accessories For a Minimalist Nursery

Minimalist Nursery Style: A Clean Look at Everything The minimalist nursery decorating idea is combining classic elements with modern simplicity. Go for light wood and white furniture for a more rustic, scalloped-edged feel that carries the minimalist attitude. Minimalist decors are all about the simplicity. Clean lines and bright colors are introduced throughout the nursery to set the tone for clean, uncluttered design. Mix in natural materials like organic cotton, rattan, and wicker to achieve a warm, inviting environment for your child. The result is not just a cute space but also a room that is organized and functional at the same time.

The cradle chair and rocking chair constitute the essentials in a minimalist nursery. The rocking chair can be the focal point in the room with a beautiful fabric on top or a simple wicker headrest. The cradle chair can also be saved as an extra piece of furniture so that you can incorporate it into many other decorating themes in the house such as the dining room or the foyer. For the baby’s room, try adding rocking chairs with soft fabrics and rubber soles to establish a comfortable and inviting environment. As for the walls, many parents use paint and stencils to create a minimalist style that goes perfectly with the nursery’s minimalist theme.

Soft Furnishings With sleek metal finish and natural wood appearance, the sleek hardware will give the nursery a chic look that is perfect for minimalist baby room design. Glass jars with wrought iron details are ideal accessories for a chic look. Wall sconces or curio cabinet with steel accents is another great way to showcase your belongings and display unique collections. In the master bedroom, try a large bed that has a clean look with straight lines and metallic frame. Create a futuristic space by incorporating sharp contrasts like sharp blacks and silver with earth tones and neutral colors for the walls and floor.

Crib Sets These come in a variety of sizes and shapes. They can be used as platform beds for your little ones or convert into a toddler bed when they outgrow the crib. A platform crib is more functional because it lets you free up floor space in the nursery while the taller cribs are more appealing to adults. There are also convertible crib sets which convert into toddler beds. Convertible crib sets with safety harnesses are perfect for the parent who plans to spend a lot of time with their little ones in the nursery. They may also double as a daybed in the event that you don’t have enough room in the nursery.

Diaper Baskets Most moms love the idea of keeping all their baby’s essentials in one place but there is just one problem. You have to find a way to hide the unsightly diapers. Fortunately, there are several ways to camouflage them without sacrificing comfort and style. One option is to buy a set of diaper baskets. These can be bought with an attached changing mat or free standing if you want to save floor space. Diaper basket sets are a great way to keep diapers, powder, and washcloths organized and tucked away.

Nursery Shelves and Cabinets This is another area where you can use a little bit of color and create some clean lines in your minimalist nursery. Many families make a habit of putting a drawer in the center of the nursery with lots of storage space. Other families choose to install shelves along the walls to hold clothing and toys. Either way, keep in mind that smaller is always better when it comes to nursery accessories so that you won’t have to overstretch yourself trying to fit everything into the room.

Wicker Cages It might seem counterintuitive to use something made from wicker in a minimalist nursery but it is a very functional material. Wicker is very durable and will not get torn up the way many other materials will. It makes a perfect wall hanging and provides plenty of storage for baby toys, socks, bottles, and even baby blankets. It doesn’t matter what theme you are going with, adding a cage to your minimalist nursery theme is a fantastic idea.

Changing Table Another essential in any nursery is a changing table. Most people mistakenly think that the only place for a changing table is under the bed but this is actually a very bad idea. A changing table is extremely useful for any parent and babies alike. Your baby will need to change diaper several times throughout the day and it is nice to be able to keep track of your baby and change her diapers at the same time without having to disturb your sleep. There are also many styles of changing tables available today so finding one that is affordable and a good style is easy.