4 Stylish Minimalist Side Tables For Your Living Room

4 Stylish Minimalist Side Tables For Your Living Room

The Minimalist Side Table from Herman Miller is designed for those looking for a contemporary alternative to more traditional side tables. The modern minimalist side table is loved by almost 2,000 reviews which state it is perfect for cramped corners or homes without enough character. Simple in style, the handcrafted table is constructed with strong, solid wood and has an attractive white, round tabletop which gives it a very clean, minimalist appearance. It also comes complete with a removable, machine-washable seat and a matching dish rack.

This beautiful handcrafted coffee table features a flat top with three “legs” as well as a metal cross. It is crafted from dark, brushed nickel and is finished off with a smooth, rounded finish. Perfect for your minimalist home, this is one functional piece of furniture that will make a statement whether you choose to display it on your side or add it to your contemporary living room. Your guests will be sure to notice this unique coffee table, along with the rest of the minimalist side table.

The Marlena minimalist side table is constructed of solid wood and has an intricately curved top. The coffee table is finished with a soft, cream and beige colored stain that will compliment its dark, medium brown legs and beveled glass accents. The Marlena coffee table has a relatively small number of legs making this piece ideal for placing in a smaller space. Even though it only has three legs, this beautiful table will certainly make a statement due to its stunning styling.

The Vitra Pasta table is crafted from Vitra, a type of plastic that is both recyclable and durable. Each piece of this table is then crafted by hand from start to finish using high quality raw materials. The table top of this Vitra pasta table features a cream color with a light silver accent. The Vitra Pasta coffee table has an open design that will allow your guests to see the beauty of your Italian accent. This table will also sit well in any room where you entertain and wish to add a touch of elegance.

Another one of these beautiful Italian coffee tables is the L’Amore edition. This table has a modern, eclectic feel with a bright red bottom. It has a sleek design that will blend well with modern living rooms while still allowing some character into your home. This table is crafted from solid wood and the legs are designed to resemble a bird’s nest. Because of the way the leg base sits on the table, this table easily blends with any decor.

The Jennifer Anistion table offers a modern take on an old favorite. This lovely coffee table features a beautiful top and beautiful legs, just like the L’Amore series. The table itself is made from a solid wood frame that has a colorful marble inset. The table sits on four individually riveted metal legs, making it very stable and secure for entertaining.

Last but not least is the Tim Knapp side table. This table offers a contemporary take on an old favorite. The front of the table features a thick wood tabletop with an elegant style that will work well with your Italian accent. The interior of the table consists of three separate and distinct compartments – one for the mugs, one for the paper, and one for the glass. This table will look great in any room of your home because it perfectly matches your current furniture and accessories.

These four tables offer you a versatile way to incorporate high quality with elegance in your home. You can dress up your living room or dining room immediately with one of these beautiful Minimalistic coffee tables. With their open styles, they give you plenty of storage space and enough surface area to accommodate whatever you need to keep organized. No matter what use you have for them, you can be sure they are a piece of furniture that every one in your family will enjoy for many years to come.