10 Reasons to Buy a Minimalist Wallet

10 Reasons to Buy a Minimalist Wallet

The best minimalist wallet doesn’t just save your lower back from all the torment of lying on a hard brick all day, it keeps your every day carry light and reduces the clutter in your life. After all, a lifetime’s worth of unused gift cards, old cards, and outdated receipts from past Christmas just won’t fit inside even the largest minimalist wallet. With this in mind, here are six of my top tips for finding the perfect minimalist wallet that will suit you.

Aesthetics: Look for a minimalist wallet that has simple and clean lines. Avoid wallets with complicated and multiple hidden slots. Most likely, you won’t need to hide your credit card and bank cards in these slots anyway. Also, keep in mind that some newer wallets have a front zipper pocket that makes it easy to put your smaller items like change into your pockets. If you can, find one with both front and back zippers, as this will allow you to use one pocket for larger items and the other for smaller stuff.

Material: It’s important that the material your minimalist wallet is made of is conducive to your activities. If you are an avid gardener or cyclist, look for wallets that are made of water resistant materials like twill or canvas. If you travel a lot, consider a material that is durable enough to withstand frequent abuse. A lot of sports bags and gym bags are made of durable vinyl because it is highly resistant to scratches and absorption of impact.

Size: Remember that most people carry around their credit cards and social security cards in their wallet, so you want a wallet that has adequate space for these items. Try to avoid the tendency to cram everything into a small bifold leather wallet. Instead, opt for a wallet with one or two separate compartments for cards and cash. You will also need room for a few personal documents, like your driver’s license and social security cards.

Material: When choosing a minimalist wallet, it’s helpful to find one that is made from leather. Leather has a very classy, refined feel and is very easy to care for. However, there are also wallets made out of a more casual fabric like cotton or nylon that are just as nice. In addition, if you are allergic to dye or chemicals, opt for a leather wallet so you don’t end up ruining your skin.

Material: The fourth thing to consider when shopping for a minimalist wallet is what type of material you would like. Some people prefer to go with materials like cotton, for example, because they are easy to care for and feel very luxurious. On the other hand, if you are looking for a more utilitarian wallet, such as one that will be used for traveling or going out on the weekends, then you might want to go with materials like nylon or microfiber. Both of these materials are also convenient for everyday carry.

Design: Finally, think about how much you want to store in your new minimalist wallet when deciding on design. Do you want more room? Do you want less? Which kind of card sleeve would you like? Do you want a zipper, or drawstring closure? Think about your lifestyle before making your purchase and you’ll be sure to get the perfect wallet for you!

Whether you are looking for a stylish, compact everyday wallet or a super slim, travel-friendly bank roll, the options are endless. From leather to microfiber to nylon, there are tons of different materials and styles to choose from. For most people, sticking with a basic black leather wallet is ideal, since it is versatile, simple to carry and holds a lot of important stuff. If you buy a minimalist wallet that includes an integrated bottle opener, then you can be sure that you’ve found a functional wallet with style.