10 Living Rooms With a Boho Minimalist Twist

10 Living Rooms With a Boho Minimalist Twist

10 Living Rooms With a Boho Minimalist Twist

Boho minimalist living rooms are very popular in the music industry and are currently catching on amongst fashionistas across the globe. A few years ago, this style was rather exclusive to Europe and America but has recently become popular in the UK due to a rise in popularity of punk style and DIY lifestyles. Boho design is all about fun, glamour and lots of black and white. It’s also known as Caribbean chic and has a funky, retro, Bohemian vibe that makes it very exciting.


This design style is based on Caribbean colours and influences which originated in West Africa. To bring this unique style to life within your home decor, you will need a few key items such as a bamboo or plant awning, a hammock, some large pillows and perhaps some large prints to complete the look. The colour scheme of this Boho minimalist living room is simple yet intricate with a dark palette such as navy blue, charcoal, grey and beige. With so much creativity and innovation, it’s easy to create your own colour scheme using various accessories and art pieces.


I love the look of Scandinavian minimalist decor but I’m not entirely sure how to create this look. I’ve spent years scouring interior design magazines for ideas. One thing that really springs to mind is a wooden coffee table with a floral and bamboo shade. I particularly like the colour combination of beige and black. I’ve also found Scandinavian interior design accessories such as a coffee table and sideboard with interesting handles and drawers which are perfect for displaying curios and knick-knacks.


Another thing I love about Scandinavian minimalist living room decoration ideas is that they are so eye catching. They are bold, without being clunky. They reflect simplicity and form yet still add that special something to a room. This is one of my favourite elements of the style. Simple colours like light blue or light green with shimmering finishes are just perfect for this type of decor. If you don’t have these elements in your home then it’s really easy to create your own!


Easy living room decoration is all about creating interest without overdoing things. Scandinavian interior design really facilitates this as there are so many different elements to play with. For example, you can easily create a fun and funky space by playing with the rug. There are so many unique rugs from a variety of countries such as Brazil, India, Turkey, Vietnam and more!


Another great thing about Scandinavian minimalist living rooms is the way the furniture is arranged. The sofa is at eye level, so it’s easy to situate a vase, plants, lamp or mirror on it. Another essential item is the sofas. Some Scandinavian sofas have low backs which are perfect if you are looking for a minimalist look in your living room decoration. Other popular types of sofas include contemporary sofas and dining chairs which also offer a wonderful minimalist look.


So, as you can see, Boho minimalist is not only about being trendy but also functional. It’s great for that “do-it-yourself” person in you! This design style is not only fun to work with but it’s so easy to achieve. If you haven’t tried it yet, you have no idea what you’re missing! You will be impressed by the results of trying out Scandinavian interior design ideas such as the use of geometric shapes and textures and the incorporation of natural materials.


For more inspiration as to what boho minimalist living rooms should look like, why not check out some home decor websites on the internet. You’ll find plenty of ideas not only on how to decorate but also on how to keep your design stylish. With just a few changes here and there to your existing home decor, your sofas could soon become your new favorite piece of furniture in the whole house!